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Swedish Phaeton

Swedish Phaeton pairs vehicle circa 1890. A beautiful classic pair vehicle featuring wicker body work.

British racing green paintwork and an integrated spares/tool box.

Complete with a set of heavy duty covers. Lots of photos available.

To Fit: 11hh to 13.2hh

Price: £5,995 £4,995 ono - Sold

Swedish Phaeton

Swedish Phaeton

Wanted: Farm Wagon

Looking for a full size 4 wheeled farm wagon on iron tyres, not sprung, to suit a heavy horse. Anything considered, don't mind work, including wheels but not total basket cases, seen too many of those lately.

Or a full size Dray, sprung, on iron tyres, ex brewers, bottle, market, etc... again work needed not a problem.

Serious buyer, will travel to view. Will pay a finders fee for any information leading to a purchase. Still looking so please get in touch.

To Fit: 17hh to >18.3hh

Location: Nantwich

Contact: Mike Huddart

Phone: 01270 811427

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Dray

Wanted, flat 4 wheeled dray / wagon for a full size horse, Shire, Clydesdale, etc... For a project.

Need something in reasonable condition, steel tyred wheels. Don't mind some restoration but no basket cases please.

Let me know what you have got, will travel and pay cash. Still looking, will travel.

To Fit: 16hh to 18hh

Location: Nantwich

Contact: Mike Huddart

Phone: 01270 811427

Email:Email Address

  • Victoria
  • Victoria


Black Victoria carriage to fit 14.2hh - 17.2hh. Been used for weddings and proms. Light enough to be pulled by one horse.

It's had a brand new hood made and reupholstered cushions done this summer to a very high standard. Has had the brakes checked and serviced including wheel bearings.

Wicker basket suitable for champagne flutes and 2 leather holders for umbrellas. Spacious box at the back. Shafts included. Carriage lamps not included.

To Fit: 14hh to 17.2hh

Price: £2,250 £1,800 ono

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: Lucas

Phone: 07875 971027

  • Bennington Pair Vehicle
  • Bennington Pair Vehicle

Bennington Pair Vehicle

Bennington Equi-Roekel pony pair vehicle, Oxford blue to fit 13hh to 14hh. Adjustable shock absorbers on front wheels.

30" wheels. Pole at longest setting is 81", shortest 75". Overall carriage length is 66", axle width 125" (no extending axle).

It is in good condition and is an ideal marathon, exercise or indoor trials vehicle.

To Fit: 13hh to 14hh

Price: £1,350 ono

Location: Brownhills, Staffordshire

Contact: Pauline Thompson

Phone: 07976 533896

  • Hartland Mini Sport
  • Hartland Mini Sport

Hartland Mini Sport

Hartland Mini Sport to fit 10hh to 11.3hh pair or single. Only 12 months old, used for 6 months on the indoor season, has extending axle.

I've also had the seat raised, it's out of a car seat so has a slider on it so you can put the seat where you need it.

I love this carriage, it's very stable, my team throw it around and it goes like it's on rails, only selling because I'm having a team carriage built. It's like new.

To Fit: 10hh to 12.3hh

Price: £2,800

Location: Bridgnorth

Contact: Julie Wedgbury

Phone: 07773 329653

  • Wagonette
  • Wagonette


Marathon/ Wagonette Dominiak (022a Mini Mix. Had this custom made to order, but unfortunately pony became ill so hardly used.

Hydraulic disc brakes. Shafts and pair pole. Hand brake. Light holders. Whip holder. Solid tyres (no punctures). Weight 95kg. Tread 90cm. Wheel size 50cmx50cm

Any questions or to view call Meri

To Fit: 10.2hh to 11.3hh

Price: £1,800 £1,600 ovno

Location: Bridgnorth

Contact: Meri

Phone: 07988 053604

Email:Email Address

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

4 wheel exercise cart in excellent condition. To fit 13.2-14.2hh

To Fit: 13.2hh to 14.2hh

Price: £850 ovno

Location: Worcestershire

Contact: Dave

Phone: 07836 567434

  • Pleasure Vehicle
  • Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

4 wheel competition carriage on rubber channel wheels. Fit 13.2hh - 15.2hh, good condition.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £850 ono

Location: Worcester

Contact: George

Phone: 07971 490370
Mobile: 07970 446296

Email:Email Address

  • Carriage
  • Carriage


Carriage in really poor condition, only good for spares. 4 seater, 4 wheels.

Front wheel 34 in dia. Rear wheel 38 ins Dia. Steel axles, 2 springs on each wheel, steel turntable some other bits not shown. Steel tyres.

Wheels not bad but a couple of spokes rotten.

Price: £350 ono

Location: Kidderminster

Contact: Keith Balmer

Phone: 07976 307889

Email:Email Address

Wanted: High Seat Brake

Wanted, high seat brake to suit 17hh + pair. Steel wheels and disc brakes.

Good price paid

To Fit: 17hh to 18hh

Location: West Midlands

Contact: Margaret Doyle - T

Phone: 07866 844992

Email:Email Address