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Brodeur Jog Cart

Original aluminium quick hitch Brodeur jog cart. Very good condition, no dents or bends.

A very good cart.

To Fit: 14hh to 16hh

Price: £650 ono

Location: Coventry

Contact: Blake - T

Phone: 07903 987455

Email:Email Address

Brodeur Jog Cart

Brodeur Jog Cart

  • Exercise Cart with Harness
  • Exercise Cart with Harness

Exercise Cart with Harness

Exercise cart, suit 11hh-12.2hh. Good condition, black leather seat, solid wooden floor. Could be painted any colour. Rubber wheels with mud guards.

With black leather harness to fit 11.2hh-13.2hh, brass fittings, perfect condition. Supple leather, very pretty.

Can sell separately at negotiable price. Price for both (11.2hh pony not included).

To Fit: 11hh to 12.2hh

Price: £230 ono

Location: Worcestershire

Contact: Withheld

Phone: 01905 640883
Mobile: 07528 905768

Email:Email Address

  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Shetland cart, good strong cart, well balanced. With swingle tree and whip holder

To suit 8.2hh - 10.2hh. Possible delivery.

To Fit: 8.2hh to 10.2hh

Price: £250 £240 ono

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Lynn

Phone: 01246 551275
Mobile: 07765 186107

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Horse exercise cart to fit from 13.2hh to 15.2hh. Made to last and is a good cart.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £250 £230

Location: Stoke On Trent

Contact: Shelly Ross

Phone: 07987 61420

Email:Email Address

  • Pleasure Vehicle
  • Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

Lovely pony cart for sale. Will suit 12.2hh to 13.2hh pony.

Includes a brass whip holder. Very light and well balanced.

To Fit: 12.2hh to 13.2hh

Price: £675 ono

Location: Worcester

Contact: Jen

Phone: 07516 000590

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Exercise cart to fit 13.2hh to 15.2hh, alloy wheels, aluminium chequer plate floor, suspension seat. No time wasters please and no emails.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £275 £225 ono

Location: Cannock

Contact: Joe

Phone: 07974 624125

  • Bennington
  • Bennington


Bennington 2 wheeler with detachable backstep. Winding balance. 41" wheels.

To Fit: 14hh plus

Price: £750 £650

Location: Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Contact: Mrs H Pixley

Phone: 01889 560374
Mobile: 07905 174131

Email:Email Address

  • Spinner
  • Spinner


Two wheeled spinner in good condition. Under coated in grey so all ready to paint.

To Fit: 13.3hh to 15hh

Price: £1,000 £800 ono

Location: Cheltenham

Contact: Richard Alexander

Phone: 07979 605495

Email:Email Address

  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Two wheeler exercise cart, strong and sturdy. Brand new wood and seating. To fit between Shetland pony up to 12.2hh.

To Fit: 12.2hh

Price: £200 £180

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: Clint Smith

Phone: 07732 316008

  • Hillam Exercise Cart

Hillam Exercise Cart - New

Hillam carriage used with 15hh horse for early days training.

Comes with basket, step, whip holder. Easy access and in very reasonable second hand condition.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £425 ovno

Location: Herefordshire

Contact: Jane Friend

Phone: 01568 708074

Email:Email Address

  • Market Cart
  • Market Cart

Market Cart - New

Well made country cart in very good condition. Wooden wheels on rubber tyres.

Being used currently in a museum environment, this cart is well maintained.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 14.2hh

Price: £600 ovno

Location: Dudley

Contact: Lindsey Butler

Phone: 01215 215618
Mobile: 07703 670542

Email:Email Address