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Polish Exercise Cart

Polish exercise cart to suit 13hh to 14hh. Excellent condition.

To Fit: 13hh to 14hh

Price: £500

Location: South Shropshire

Contact: Brigit Coleman

Phone: 01588 620328
Mobile: 07966 017048

Email:Email Address

Polish Exercise Cart

Polish Exercise Cart

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Horse exercise cart to fit from 13.2hh to 15.2hh. Made to last and is a good cart.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £250 £230

Location: Stoke On Trent

Contact: Shelly Ross

Phone: 07987 61420

Email:Email Address

  • Pleasure Vehicle
  • Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

Lovely pony cart for sale. Will suit 12.2hh to 13.2hh pony.

Includes a brass whip holder. Very light and well balanced.

To Fit: 12.2hh to 13.2hh

Price: £675 ono

Location: Worcester

Contact: Jen

Phone: 07516 000590

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Exercise cart to fit 13.2hh to 15.2hh, alloy wheels, aluminium chequer plate floor, suspension seat. No time wasters please and no emails.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £275 £225 ono

Location: Cannock

Contact: Joe

Phone: 07974 624125

  • Bennington
  • Bennington


Bennington 2 wheeler with detachable backstep. Winding balance. 41" wheels.

To Fit: 14hh plus

Price: £750 £650

Location: Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Contact: Mrs H Pixley

Phone: 01889 560374
Mobile: 07905 174131

Email:Email Address

  • Brodeur Jog Cart
  • Brodeur Jog Cart

Brodeur Jog Cart

Original aluminium quick hitch Brodeur jog cart. Very good condition, no dents or bends.

A very good cart.

To Fit: 14hh to 16hh

Price: £650 ono

Location: Coventry

Contact: Blake - T

Phone: 07903 987455

Email:Email Address

  • Spinner
  • Spinner


Two wheeled spinner in good condition. Under coated in grey so all ready to paint.

To Fit: 13.3hh to 15hh

Price: £1,000 £800 ono

Location: Cheltenham

Contact: Richard Alexander

Phone: 07979 605495

Email:Email Address

  • Hillam Exercise Cart

Hillam Exercise Cart

Hillam carriage used with 15hh horse for early days training.

Comes with basket, step, whip holder. Easy access and in very reasonable second hand condition.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £425 ovno

Location: Herefordshire

Contact: Jane Friend

Phone: 01568 708074

Email:Email Address

  • Market Cart
  • Market Cart

Market Cart

Well made country cart in very good condition. Wooden wheels on rubber tyres.

Being used currently in a museum environment, this cart is well maintained.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 14.2hh

Price: £600 ovno

Location: Dudley

Contact: Lindsey Butler

Phone: 01215 215618
Mobile: 07703 670542

Email:Email Address

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Exercise / breaking Cart in tidy condition suit 10hh - 13hh nicely balanced little cart.

Can deliver local to Birmingham once payment has been made. will have a deal possible p/x WHY.

Sorry texts & withheld numbers not answered.

To Fit: 10hh to 13hh

Price: £195 ono

Location: Birmingham

Contact: Ron

Phone: 07954 551961

  • Exercise Cart

Exercise Cart

Two wheeler exercise cart, strong and sturdy. Brand new wood and seating. To fit between Shetland pony up to 12.2hh.

To Fit: 12.2hh

Price: £180 £150

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: Clint Smith

Phone: 07732 316008