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Pleasure Vehicle

Exercise carriage to suit up to 14.2hh, show condition. Genuine reason for sale.

To Fit: 12hh to 14hh

Price: £600 £500 ovno

Location: Kilkeel, Newry

Contact: John Horner

Phone: 07743 918254

Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

  • Pickering Float
  • Pickering Float

Pickering Float

Pickering Show Float to fit 14.2hh – 15.2hh. Totally original as it left Pickerings Coachworks having had only 2 owners from new.

Complete with original seat cushion, foot rest and wheel spanner.

A rare chance to buy a vehicle in excellent original condition from a prestigous British coachbuilder.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £5,500

Location: Knott End, Lancs

Contact: Graham Henson

Phone: 01253 811073
Mobile: 07813 623665

Email:Email Address

  •  Cab Fronted Gig
  •  Cab Fronted Gig
  •  Cab Fronted Gig - Click to Enlarge
  •  Cab Fronted Gig - Click to Enlarge

Cab Fronted Gig

Midnight Blue with beige upholstery and Lancewood shafts.

Rear Tail gate. Suit 14-15hh. 49" wheels.

Circa 1900 Made in Bond Street London

To Fit: 14hh to 15hh

Price: £1,750 £1,600

Location: Kidderminster Worcestershire

Contact: Mr Nock

Phone: 01384 918738
Mobile: 07856 470523

  • Market Cart
  • Market Cart

Market Cart

A lovely and well kept market trap. Always in the dry.

Restored and ready to use. Please ring vendor for further details

Open to sensible offers. Reasonable offer considered.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15.3hh

Price: Open to sensible offers

Location: Redruth

Contact: Roger Barbery

Phone: 01209 313724
Mobile: 07511 629715

Email:Email Address

  • Pleasure Vehicle with Lamps
  • Pleasure Vehicle with Lamps

Pleasure Vehicle with Lamps

This is a charming carriage or rally cart, painted black with silver pattern detail on front and rear. This charming trap is in good condition, still very usable or would make an attractive focal point to any display.

Was previously used for showing at county level. Comes with a pair of ornate lamps.

The shafts are 24” between and 70” long, the trap is 135” long including the shafts, 51” wide at the widest point. For collection only

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £950 £850 open to offers

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Alice

Phone: 07757 121715

Email:Email Address

Bennington with Trailer

Bennington, 13.2hh - 14.2hh, 44" wheels. Adjustable balance and backstep to suit.

In good condition. Coach painted green. Trailer too with it.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 14.2hh

Price: £850

Location: Dumfries And Galloway

Contact: Pat Withall

Phone: 01387 850309

Email:Email Address

  • Ralli Cart
  • Ralli Cart

Ralli Cart

Ralli cart in good condition, black and gold.

To Fit: 14.1hh to 15.2hh

Price: £600

Location: Jersey

Contact: Emma Eden

Phone: 07797 732113

Email:Email Address

  • Bennington Buccaneer

Bennington Buccaneer

Bennington Buccaneer one of the best little vehicles there is, all original.

To suit 11hh to 13hh as it has two sets of shafts. Could do with a coat of varnish but all sound. 36" wheels.

To Fit: 12hh to 13.2hh

Price: £950 £850 ono

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Harry

Phone: 01909 720598
Mobile: 07506 304006

  • Meadowbrook
  • Meadowbrook


Meadowbrook carriage, assume Amish built in USA, 2 wheels. Varnished wood, treads with very little wear.

Condition good but not as perfect as it seems from the photos! Size is approximate as not seen with horse.

Notably light and easy to move by hand. Lift up seat and rear access.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15.2hh

Price: £800 ono

Location: North Dorset

Contact: Ms Ridgway

Phone: 01258 820526
Mobile: 07929 983095

  • Wagon Restoration
  • Wagon Restoration

Wanted: Wagon Restoration

Wooden hay wagon restoration. Old four wheel wagon wanted for restoration, hay wagon or flat bed possibly, as in photos.

Please send photos along with the price. Please email rather than phone.

Location: Darlington

Contact: Robert Coster

Phone: 01833 660033

Email:Email Address

  • Bellcrown Super Bantam Deluxe MK4
  • Bellcrown Super Bantam Deluxe MK4

Bellcrown Super Bantam Deluxe MK4

Bellcrown 2 wheel competition vehicle, Super Bantam Deluxe MK4 on 98cm wheels. Includes mesh floor back step.

Built to order in 2001 for a 14.3hh horse but then concentrated on riding. Only used a few times, and never for competition. All metalwork and wood in good condition, just patches on a couple of tears on the upholstery.

Original invoice, care leaflet, spanners, etc... Dismantles so would go in a van.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 15hh

Price: £900

Location: Bristol

Contact: Bev

Phone: 01179 415920

Email:Email Address