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Pair of Gates

Set of gates for sale, 20 foot opening, good condition. Call Dodie Stokes.

Price: £850 £795

Location: Reading

Contact: Dodie

Phone: 07821 662208

Pair of Gates

Pair of Gates

  • Costermongers Barrow
  • Costermongers Barrow

Costermongers Barrow

Costermongers barrow with barley twist brass rails, a beautiful Barrow to grace any shop front.

The wheels are block rubbers with brass hubs stamped Petticoat Lane, all in excellent condition.

Please contact for further information.

Price: £925 £900 Ono

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Harry

Phone: 01909 720598
Mobile: 07506 304006

Email:Email Address

  • London Market Costermongers Barrow
  • London Market Costermongers Barrow

London Market Costermongers Barrow

Original London market costermongers barrow. Very old would look lovely outside a florist or garden centre or restaurant.

It has the original owner number engravings on the wheels.

Price: £1,100 £950 ovno

Location: Kenilworth

Contact: John Evans

Phone: 02476 466119
Mobile: 07824 734228

Email:Email Address

  • Play House

Play House

Toy gypsy wagon playhouse, fantastic novelty kids playhouse. Size 5ft 7" high, 5 ft long & 4 ft 4' wide.

Stairs with handrail that lift away and seating inside with hidden storage for toys, etc... This would also make a wonderful garden ornament.

Heavy duty treated wood. A child can play inside this. Will need to be collected.

Price: £650

Location: Kilmarnock

Contact: Stewart

Phone: 07767 035117
Mobile: 07766 974660

Easi Dec Scaffold System

Easi Dec scaffold system, any one who does roofing or PVC work these are the best. You can erect this in less than 10 mins.

There are 3 different size legs, bungalow legs, house legs and 3 story town house legs. The working platform is about 2m x 1m.

Call me for more info. This is a cheap piece of kit.

Price: £650 ono

Location: Kent

Contact: S

Phone: 07831 786031

Email:Email Address

  • Italian Sofa and Chair
  • Italian Sofa and Chair

Italian Sofa and Chair

Italian sofa and chair from House of Italy, as new, hardly been sat on.

Price: £1,050 £950 ovno

Location: Stirling

Contact: Derek

Phone: 07738 733994

Email:Email Address

  • Beswick Hunt Set
  • Beswick Hunt Set

Beswick Hunt Set

Beswick hunt set, stored in cabinet for 17 years, 100% genuine. All immaculate condition, no restoration. No offers, genuine sale.

Price: £900 no offers

Location: Shropshire

Contact: Jo

Phone: 07816 183815

  • Stables
  • Stables


Double set stable used as shed. Buyer to take and remove.

Need TLC but good.

Price: £1,000 £800 ovno

Location: Basildon Essex

Contact: Tom

Phone: 07857 662966

  • Costermongers Barrow.
  • Costermongers Barrow.

Costermongers Barrow.

Handmade copy of an original Costermongers barrow. Made from pine and steel. Finished in Mid Brunswick Green and Post Office Red Coach paint and yacht vanish.

Would suit a farm shop for display purpose. Cart width 44 inches. Cart height 48 inches. Cart length 99 inches. 25 inch wheels.

Customer to collect, contact Bob.

Price: £850

Location: Norwich Norfolk

Contact: Bob Harper

Phone: 01603 749576

Email:Email Address

  • Grosvenor Wilton Carpet

Grosvenor Wilton Carpet

Grosvenor Wilton carpet, used but in excellent condition. Call for any more information. 24 ft by 15 and 6 ft by 30.

Price: £800

Location: Kent

Contact: Johnny

Phone: 01322 293874
Mobile: 07935 343518

Email:Email Address