English Harness

Set of black English nickle harness, got all the makings of being a dairy set. Fit 13hh to 15.2hh.

23inch open top soft lined collar, saddle is soft lined, nice and wide with wide terret rings. This is a very good clean and supple set of harness.

Would make ideal wagon set, this harness would definitely take some finding and no money for what it is. Texts will not be replied to.

Price: £850 £825 ono

Location: West Bromwich

Contact: Steve Webb

Phone: 07732 515597

English Harness

English Harness

  • Wilsons Harness
  • Wilsons Harness

Wilsons Harness

Wilsons marathon harness, full size breast harness in black leather & coated webbing.

With st steel fittings to fit a horse up to 16.2hh. Little used & in immaculate condition.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 16.2hh

Price: £750 ovno

Location: Glossop

Contact: Carole Kaiser

Phone: 07879 817625

Email:Email Address

  • Tedex Pair Harness
  • Tedex Pair Harness

Tedex Pair Harness

For sale, full size, Tedex Tedman pair harness. This harness is brand new and been in my boot room for a number of years but I believe they have stopped making Tedex for pairs now.

It has never been on a horse so is complete and in brand new condition, maybe a small amount of dust. It comes in the harness bags but without any bits.

I have more photos if required. Please contact me with any questions or any more info if needed. Can arrange postage at buyers cost. Thank you.

To Fit: 15.2hh to 16.3hh

Price: £800 £700 ono

Location: Rainham, Kent

Contact: Nadia

Phone: 07736 454388

Email:Email Address

  • Trade Harness

Trade Harness

Brand new red and black trade harness for sale by top craftsmen, made from top quality Italian leather. Saddle has very soft leather padding (6.5" wide), breast plate (3.5").

All traces and straps are made of synthetic material and are treble stitched around the holes for extra durability. All straps have double keepers.

Please contact for more details. To fit 14.2hh to 15.2hh.

Price: £925

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Rene - T

Phone: 07850 385499

Email:Email Address

  • Huskissons Pair Pads
  • Huskissons Pair Pads
  • Huskissons Pair Pads - Click to Enlarge

Huskissons Pair Pads

Pair of English patent leather pony pair pads with brass fittings and embellishments by Huskisson's.

With maroon pad liners, trimmed with patent leather. Pads have padded girths with adjustment on both sides. Double stitched cruppers with box keepers.

Will fit a standard Shetland to a Welsh pony. Please ring for more information.

Price: £695

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Contact: Barry

Phone: 07785 753589

  • English Pony Team Harness
  • English Pony Team Harness

English Pony Team Harness

Pony team harness, English leather and brass, some patent.

Good condition for its age, some minor wear but still smart and safe but not in show condition, ideal for dressage and cones.

I've used it for many years on my Welsh B ponies, smallest 12.1hh and largest 13.1hh. Always had good marks for presentation.

Price: £750 ono

Location: Dorset

Contact: Julia Liles

Phone: 01929 472525
Mobile: 07773 058163

Email:Email Address

  • Zilco Classic Harness

Zilco Classic Harness

Zilco Classic cob harness, only used three times, as new condition, RRP over £900.

Fixed back band, quick release tugs.

Price: £700 ovno

Location: Preston

Contact: Sarah Meredith

Phone: 07923 198241

Email:Email Address

  • English Patent Harness
  • English Patent Harness

English Patent Harness

Set of full size English patent leather collar driving harness with brass fittings, in good condition.

All leather double thickness, Collar 23" X 9" width. Fit 15hh to 16.2hh.

Price: £750

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Contact: John

Phone: 07507 266156

  • Zilco Harness
  • Zilco Harness

Zilco Harness

Zilco full size single harness with Empathy collar. As new, immaculate condition.

Used only twice for dressage and cones only. Liverpool Bit on bridle. For further information or more photos please email.

Price: £895 ovno

Location: Dorking, Surrey

Contact: Lisa Bray

Phone: 01306 730686
Mobile: 07973 549347

Email:Email Address

  • English Harness
  • English Harness

English Harness

Top quality English leather harness, will fit up to 16.2hh, black with brass fittings.

Breast and 22in full collar with brass hames. Harness is part patent. Price the lot or can split.

Price: £800

Location: Lu3 Luton

Contact: Shayne Murphy

Phone: 07943 019237

  • Zilco Pair Harness
  • Zilco Pair Harness

Zilco Pair Harness

Zilco small pony pair harness, one year old. Excellent condition, used handful of times.

No bridles included. Storage bags. Empathy collars.

Price: £800 ono

Location: Dunmow

Contact: Kerry

Phone: 07531 875855

Email:Email Address