White metal square buckle collar harness. Fit 14-16hh. Very smart harness.

Very good condition. Lots of extras. Australian nut colour.

To Fit: Full

Price: £650

Location: Wantage

Contact: Bill

Phone: 07495 774022



  • English Patent Harness
  • English Patent Harness

English Patent Harness

Set of full size English patent leather collar driving harness with brass fittings, in good condition.

All leather double thickness, Collar 23" X 9" width. Fit 15hh to 16.2hh.

Price: £750

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Contact: John

Phone: 07507 266156

  • English Harness
  • English Harness

English Harness

English patent harness, 21 inch collar, cob size. Outstanding cond, no rips or damage, one owner, only used for showing and cleaned after each use.

All brass perfect, no pitting or wear on hames. Well worth a look.

Open to offers. Thanks for looking. If no reply please text, will get back to you.

Price: £650 offers

Location: Mayo, Ireland

Contact: Mike

Phone: 08723 98474

Email:Email Address

  • 2 Sets of Harness with Bits
  • 2 Sets of Harness with Bits

2 Sets of Harness with Bits

Two driving harnesses. One is an Ideal harness and one is a Tedex Zilco harness. Good condition.

Also 3 Liverpool bits, will separate. The Tedex Zilco is quick release easy clean with bag.

Fit 14.2hh to 15.2hh. Reason for selling retired. For further information ring Bob.

Price: £780 ono

Location: Nottingham

Contact: Bob

Phone: 07899 985693

  • Top Mark Harness
  • Top Mark Harness

Top Mark Harness

Wide saddle Top Mark harness, horse shoe buckle. To fit 13hh to 14.2hh, very good strong set. Only been used twice.

Price: £650 ono

Location: Sunderland

Contact: Peter

Phone: 07525 975509

Email:Email Address

  • Hackney Exercise Harness
  • Hackney Exercise Harness

Hackney Exercise Harness

Complete set of Hackney exercise breaking harness with Tilbury tugs, and bearing rein and bits. To fit 14.2hh-16hh.

All been reinforced and hand stitched. With multiple rings and buckles on pad for side reins and draw reins.

Price: £600 ono

Location: Devon

Contact: Noel

Phone: 01409 261322
Mobile: 07768 173177

  • Tedex Pair Harness
  • Tedex Pair Harness

Tedex Pair Harness

For sale, full size, Tedex Tedman pair harness. This harness is brand new and been in my boot room for a number of years but I believe they have stopped making Tedex for pairs now.

It has never been on a horse so is complete and in brand new condition, maybe a small amount of dust. It comes in the harness bags but without any bits.

I have more photos if required. Please contact me with any questions or any more info if needed. Can arrange postage at buyers cost. Thank you.

To Fit: 15.2hh to 16.3hh

Price: £700 £650 ono

Location: Rainham, Kent

Contact: Nadia

Phone: 07736 454388

Email:Email Address

  • Rene Schoop Harness

Rene Schoop Harness

Rene Shoop International cob size to fit up to 15.2hh. Black leather & coated webbing, silver fittings.

Only used a handful of times and is in excellent condition.

Price: £550

Location: Glossop

Contact: Carole Kaiser

Phone: 07879 817625

Email:Email Address

  • English Harness

English Harness

Black leather English harness by Huskinsons of Walsall with 22 inch full collar, box keepers.

Fits 14hh to 15hh. Excellent condition.

Price: £595 ono

Location: Luton

Contact: Frank

Phone: 07939 010827

  • English Pair Harness
  • English Pair Harness
  • English Pair Harness  - Click to Enlarge
  • English Pair Harness  - Click to Enlarge

English Pair Harness

English pair collar set, top class show harness. In excellent condition. Includes two collars with pole straps, 4 traces, 2 pads, 2 bridles with pair reins, 2 backbands & cruppers, 2 loin straps, 4 trace carriers.

A complete set ready for the show ring. Made by an English craftsman. This set now would cost you over £3600. Fit 12.2hh to 13.2hh.

A giveaway, free delivery to mainland UK only. Owner retiring from driving. No withheld numbers or texts, phone calls only.

Price: £675 ovno

Location: Birmingham

Contact: John

Phone: 07973 897510

  • Trade Harness
  • Trade Harness

Trade Harness

Black and tan wagon, carriage trade harness. Loaded with horses heads and horse shoe buckles. Cob size.

To Fit:

Price: £550 ono

Location: South Shields

Contact: Danielle Nessworthy

Phone: 07495 010468

Email:Email Address