2 Whips

Dealers whips. Peterborough dealers whips & Dealers whip complete with leather stitched handle.

Price: £450 the pair

Location: Norfolk

Contact: R

Phone: 07776 390479

2 Whips

2 Whips

  • Grinding Barrow

Grinding Barrow

Old grinding barrow, very good sound condition, needs painting. Hard to find now, bargain.

Price: £430

Location: Walton on Thames

Contact: Fred

Phone: 07425 865325

Email:Email Address

  • Husqvarna


Husqvarna, 5 speed, 120 runs, lovely, no more then 1 year old, 2 keys.

Price: £500 ono

Location: Kent

Contact: P

Phone: 07444 173193

Email:Email Address

  • Lamps
  • Lamps


Pickering square fronted lamps in superb condition. Hard to find.

Price: £425

Location: Castlereagh

Contact: Philip Titterington

Phone: 07823 336102

Email:Email Address

  • Gates
  • Gates


Wrought iron metal gates, each gate is 6ft 4 inches at the side, rising up to 7ft 6 inches in middle, width is 7ft 4 inches, total gateway of 14ft 8 inches.

They have the name White Oaks in the middle which can easily be taken out. Open to offers, no time wasters please.

Price: £500 ono

Location: Boston

Contact: Emma

Phone: 07986 451137

  • Stable
  • Stable


12X12 horse stable in good condition.

Price: £400 ono

Location: Exeter

Contact: Tina

Phone: 07717 792102
Mobile: 07966 639377

  • Gig Lamps by Alfred Hales
  • Gig Lamps by Alfred Hales
  • Gig Lamps by Alfred Hales - Click to Enlarge
  • Gig Lamps by Alfred Hales - Click to Enlarge

Gig Lamps by Alfred Hales - New

Pair of black & brass gig lamps by Alfred Hales. In excellent condition, purchased 25yrs ago and only used twice.

Price: £400

Location: Havant Hampshire

Contact: Chris

Phone: 07392 514430