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Team Show Harness

Quality team show harness for sale in show condition. Black patent and brass to fit 15hh to 16.2hh,

22" and 23" Princess collars. A new set of reins, full breeching also includes pole straps and pole chains.

To Fit: 15hh to 16.2hh

Price: £3,500 £3,000 ono

Location: Beds

Contact: Christine Dick

Phone: 01582 872676
Mobile: 07522 600101

Email:Email Address

Team Show Harness

Team Show Harness

  • Patent Team Harness
  • Patent Team Harness

Patent Team Harness

Complete set of patent team harness to fit approx. 38"-41" Shetland ponies.

Lots of extras are included in this to be able to drive tandem, randem and unicorn.

A really unique set of harness for anyone interested in showing different combinations of ponies.

To Fit: 9.2hh to 10.1hh

Price: £3,500 £2,500 ono

Location: Fernhurst

Contact: Penny

Phone: 07867 527449

  • English Harness
  • English Harness

English Harness

Black and red English harness, fully loaded, 23" collar. Good old set, ring for details.

To Fit: 14hh to 16hh

Price: £2,600 £2,400 ono

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Contact: Jamie

Phone: 07493 601247
Mobile: 07522 421595

Email:Email Address

  • Giddens Harness
  • Giddens Harness
  • Giddens Harness - Click to Enlarge
  • Giddens Harness - Click to Enlarge

Giddens Harness - New

Set of nickle Giddens of London ladder boxed black and red trade harness with London buckles and bulls eyes motifs with initials (G.A).

21inch leather lined piped collar with the old fashioned double white lacing, also has loose ring on hames. Saddle is soft lined and raised with "Gidden Maker London" on nails each side tree, also has extending breeching.

This harness is all stamped up in blinkers, traces, breeching, kidney beater straps and girth. This is a very good soft set of straps in very good condition for age, no busts or breaks, ready to use. Texts will not be replied to.

To Fit: 13hh to 14.2hh

Price: £3,250 ono

Location: West Bromwich

Contact: Steve Webb

Phone: 07732 515597