Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic lift made especially for use by an RDA group to help wheelchair users to access the carriages more easily.

There are ramps at each end of a platform which can be raised by means of a foot operated pedal. The lift raises to the height of the floor of the carriage, the front ramp is lowered and the wheelchair is gently rolled into the carriage.

Also used in reverse to get the carriages back on the ground. No heavy lifting for volunteers.

Price: £2,000 £1,750 ono

Location: Kent

Contact: Susannah Anderson

Phone: 01233 860870
Mobile: 07880 743170

Email:Email Address

Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift

  • Fibreglass Jockey Mould
  • Fibreglass Jockey Mould
  • Fibreglass Jockey Mould - Click to Enlarge
  • Fibreglass Jockey Mould - Click to Enlarge

Fibreglass Jockey Mould

Fibreglass Jockey mould, The Model Jockey Co. Fully patented, this is the only design of this pattern in the world, patent just needs name change.

Fabulous opportunity to set up your own business of these jockeys and sell at racecourses all over the country.

All supporting paperwork, photos, lists of every stables colours, etc. etc... No time wasters, messers or texts. Collection only Blackpool.

Price: £2,000 no offers

Location: Blackpool

Contact: Mrs. Ash

Phone: 07535 914416

  • 2 Couches
  • 2 Couches

2 Couches

Lavender and charcoal couches, 1 3 seater and 1 2 seater. Brand new designer sofas, paid £2,500 new.

Price: £1,400 ono

Location: St. Albans

Contact: Alice

Phone: 07768 276434

  • Italian Settees
  • Italian Settees

Italian Settees

Italian setees, 3 seater and 2 one seaters. Cost £3500 new 5 months ago.

Price: £1,800

Location: Chester

Contact: Peter

Phone: 07437 601179

  • Belfast Stalls
  • Belfast Stalls

Belfast Stalls - New

Belfast standing stalls, makes 3 stalls, everything is here to put together. Harness holders.

Will make a nice set of stables. Over 150 years old.

Price: £1,600 ono

Location: Dartford Kent

Contact: Mark - T

Phone: 07931 123666