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Suspension Straps

Horse drawn carriage suspension straps, these amazing straps were brought from the late Lord Ballyedmonds carriage sale.

They are an identical pair, they are both stamped with a number. The buckles are leather lined.

Absolutely stunning condition, the quality is outstanding. They are roughly 28inches long!

Price: £125 £95 ovno

Location: Brimingham

Contact: Robert Bassinder

Phone: 07733 396536

Email:Email Address

Suspension Straps

Suspension Straps

Suspension Straps

Suspension Straps

  • 4 Top Hats with 2 Indicators
  • 4 Top Hats with 2 Indicators

4 Top Hats with 2 Indicators

Set of four top hats to fit 3 stud wheels trolley or dray.

With a pair of TK / J type indicators, brand new in box.

Price: £100

Location: Essex

Contact: Bill

Phone: 07583 172932

  • Trade Belt
  • Trade Belt

Trade Belt

Brand new trade belt to fit approx. 32" waist. Black with red patent, a horse shoe buckle, star and clover rein tips.

Price: £106

Location: Carmarthenshire

Contact: Tim Cook - T

Phone: 01570 480007

Email:Email Address

  • Raleigh Bike

Raleigh Bike

Old Raleigh man's bike, good condition, good tyres, good for advertisement. Bargain.

Price: £140 £100

Location: Surrey

Contact: Fred

Phone: 07425 865325

Email:Email Address

  • Anvil


Anvil for sale

Price: £100 ovno

Location: Abergele

Contact: Norman

Phone: 07818 088732

  • Pair of Bellcrown Wheels

Pair of Bellcrown Wheels

Pair of 34.5" Bellcrown wheels with clincher rubber, in good condition. No bearings with wheels.

Price: £150 £100

Location: Co Down

Contact: Philip Titterington

Phone: 07823 336102

Email:Email Address

  • Pair of Frying Pans
  • Pair of Frying Pans

Pair of Frying Pans

Frying pans, pair of pans, excellent condition as you can see from pictures.

One is 12 inches the other is slightly bigger, price is for the pair. Can collect from Norfolk or Suffolk.

Price: £95 ovno

Location: Norwich

Contact: Amanda

Phone: 07919 459420

Email:Email Address

  • 30 DVDs
  • 30 DVDs

30 DVDs - Updated

A collection of 30 horse fair and driving DVDs, Appleby, Stow, Bradford, Wickham, Dick Smiths horse parades.

Sold as job lot! Work out as £6 a DVD. Highly sought after.

Price: £150 £100 ono

Location: Middlesex

Contact: Fred

Phone: 07944 867458
Mobile: 07840 373714

Email:Email Address