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Billy Bob, 14.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Billy Bob, 8 year old ride and drive gelding for sale. BIlly Bob is a good old fashioned gypsy cob, approx 14.2hh, plenty mane, tail and feather. He is 100% bombproof to drive and ride, excellent in traffic, goes alone or in company, in front or behind, has been in two and four wheeler and a trolley, has done group drives and pub drives, will tie up and stand.

He is good to catch, shoe, load, travel, bath, loves to be handled and worked. Billy has been driven more than ridden but hacks out alone or in company and has been in school and had a jump.

He is 100% bombproof but not a plod, forward going and steps out so would most probably not suit a novice, someone looking for an experienced driving cob or a second driving cob. Plenty videos and pictures available.

Price: £4,000 £3,250 ono

Location: Gloucester

Contact: Sean

Phone: 07759 076232
Mobile: 07772 241598

Billy Bob, 14.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Billy Bob, 14.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Billy Bob, 14.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Billy Bob, 14.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

  • 14.2hh Riding Gelding
  • 14.2hh Riding Gelding

14.2hh Riding Gelding

Gypsy cob gelding approx. 8 years old. Very smart and intelligent with lots of attitude. Lovely to ride with nice movement but very forward going so not a novice ride. Has recently started jumping and taken well to it.

Previously used for driving but seems lately to have taken a dislike to the activity hence the sale. Could probably be brought back into pulling a cart. 100% in traffic, used to other animals, machinery and tractors.

Used to living in a mixed herd but would equally adapt as needs his own person on a daily basis. Has been ridden bitless and with a simple snaffle. Barefoot with excellent hooves. The right home is very important.

Price: £1,500 ono

Location: Somerset

Contact: Suzannah Leighton

Phone: 07545 139009

Email:Email Address

  • Mac, 13.2hh Riding Stallion
  • Mac, 13.2hh Riding Stallion

Mac, 13.2hh Riding Stallion

For sale, traditional cob stallion, chestnut with four white socks and flaxen mane and tail, 12 years old, 13.2hh. Mac has a fabulous temperament with manners to burn. He is excellent around children. No stallion habits, more like a gelding. He is a proven stallion and covers well.

He doesn't need to be kept in constant work and can be picked up and dropped for as long as you like. He hacks alone and in company. Mac has jumped but hasn't done any jumping with me as I don't jump. He has also previously been hunting. He has previously been driven.

He is good in the field and stable. Travels and loads really well and will stand on the lorry or trailer all day by himself. He is good to catch, clip, bath and farrier. I really can't say enough how good this boy is. This really is a sad sale so a 5 star home is a must. Personal circumstances forces sale. More photos on request, ring for more info.

Price: £2,000 ono

Location: Cornwall

Contact: Georgie

Phone: 07884 373233

Email:Email Address

  • 15.2hh Ride and Drive Horse

Wanted: 15.2hh Ride and Drive Horse

Wanted, I maybe looking for the impossible but I'm looking for something to make 15.2hh to show side saddle and drive, must have potential to be smart, move well.

I'm looking for an Irish type bay or black. I'm a novice driver but experienced rider so happy to produce after it's been started.

Small budget but good home available, please email photos and descriptions, thank you.

Location: Oxon

Contact: Lauren Robson

Phone: 07920 850241

Email:Email Address

  • 14.3hh Ride and Drive Mare
  • 14.3hh Ride and Drive Mare

14.3hh Ride and Drive Mare

What a little mare, 14.3hh 9 year old mare, Irish passport. Driving mare, this was her life until we started riding her and she loves it.

Has jumped a course of jumps and won. First time cross country and jumped ditches, banks and in/out of water. Came 4th first time low level dressage. Super safe hacking doesn't look at anything.

Loves fuss and will stand all day. A lovely mare needing new home. Owned for 1 year with previous owner. No health issues. Grab a bargain. Can't believe she hasn't gone.

Price: £2,000 £1,750 ovno

Location: Bornemouth

Contact: Sherilyn Hijazi

Phone: 07917 724052

Email:Email Address

  • 15.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding
  • 15.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

15.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Lovely Irish cob, piebald, gelding 15.2hh, born 2007. Has driven with his previous owner in a pair and unicorn, has driven with us as a single for tour rides and weddings.

Very nice manners, we have kept him with a mare and geldings and he got on very well with them all.

Brilliant with our farrier., who can give a reference. He is lovely to ride, very sensible.

Price: £2,800 ono

Location: Cockington

Contact: Kirk & Hannah

Phone: 07912 992818