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14hh Riding Mare

14hh traditional cob mare, 10 years old. Lives in or out. Up to date with dentist, vaccinations and farrier.

Happy hacker, will go alone and school but is very green. Tack available at extra cost. Offers accepted.

Price: £1,000 offers

Location: Newbury, Berkshire

Contact: Emma Freeborn

Phone: 07830 998388

Email:Email Address

14hh Riding Mare

14hh Riding Mare

  • 13.3hh Mare
  • 13.3hh Mare

13.3hh Mare

Dapple grey mare, just turned 4, very sweet mare, not done a lot with her as just don't have the time. Would do very well in the show ring.

Price: £1,000 ovno

Location: Herts

Contact: Tracy

Phone: 07780 576958

Email:Email Address

  • 14.2hh Dales Riding Mare
  • 14.2hh Dales Riding Mare

14.2hh Dales Riding Mare

Grey Dales mare, beautiful temperament to handle quietest of mares, brilliant to catch, shoe, box, bombproof in traffic.

Was used for RDA. Only for sale due to lack of time that she deserves.

Price: £1,000 ovno

Location: Essex

Contact: Natalie

Phone: 07496 524987

Email:Email Address

  • Friesian Riding Filly
  • Friesian Riding Filly

Friesian Riding Filly

Stunning black 3 year old Friesian mare, currently approx 15hh to mature 15.1/2hh. Impressive looking Friesian mare (full breeding available), lightly backed & proving keen to learn.

As beautiful as she is her best asset is her temperament, a truly lovely little mare who has done everything we have asked of her. Turned out in mixed company & handled by a small, older lady in the yard. Quick to learn but obviously still green so home with appropriate experience essential.

Will only become more impressive as she fills out & matures. A fantastic blank canvas for the right lucky home. Regular off island travel available for £50-75.

Price: £5,500

Location: Isle of Wight

Contact: Blue

Phone: 07789 117037

Email:Email Address

  • 2 Riding Ponies
  • 2 Riding Ponies
  • 2 Riding Ponies - Click to Enlarge
  • 2 Riding Ponies - Click to Enlarge

2 Riding Ponies

Advertising for a friend 2 stunning little mare ponies. Good to box, clip, farrier. She really is one in a million. I would happily put a complete novice on her as they been hacked out by a child of 7 in a small group. She's happy to stroll round on the end of the buckle but at the same time will step up a gear if and when asked.

Will hack first or last alone or in company. Always ridden in a snaffle. Will pop a small course. She will stand all day to be groomed and loves kids. Will be perfect 1st or second pony. The bay is 13.1hh and chestnut is 12.2hh.

Pictures and videos can be sent on request.

Price: £1,000 ovno each

Location: Middlesex

Contact: Lucy

Phone: 07455 327315

  • Frankie Blue Eyes, 13.3hh Riding Gelding
  • Frankie Blue Eyes, 13.3hh Riding Gelding

Frankie Blue Eyes, 13.3hh Riding Gelding

Frankie Blue Eyes, 13.3hh coming 6 years old blue and white cob gelding. Lovely, willing, genuine pony with soo much to give.

Frankie knows the basics on the flat and has started doing pole work. He is brilliant on the roads and is happy to go alone or in company.

Ideally suit someone who want to produce him for future success or for someone who wants a happy hack and sponsored rides. A true gent good to shoe, box, clip, hack, etc...

Price: £1,500

Location: Bromley

Contact: Lily

Phone: 07487 751514
Mobile: 07864 665830

Email:Email Address

  • Matilda, Riding Filly
  • Matilda, Riding Filly

Matilda, Riding Filly

Matilda is a 13.2hh (still growing) rising 4 years old Welsh type black mare. Owned since 7 months old. She has been lightly backed this spring and proved herself to be a willing and biddable pupil. Has since been turned away to mature.

Sadly it has become apparent that she is not going to make the height I require so would like to find a kind, experienced, knowledgeable home to continue her education. She has a lovely step and potentially could make a lovely driving pony as she is very willing and bold on the long reins.

Lots of pics and videos available on request, some taken yesterday which proves how good she is as not been sat on since May, just got on and rode her straight away. Matilda is up to date with vacs, dentist, feet, worming and good to catch. Please email for price

Price: £750 £650 ono

Location: Milton Keynes

Contact: Sarah Abbey

Phone: 07736 638535

Email:Email Address

  • Dot, 14hh Riding Mare
  • Dot, 14hh Riding Mare

Dot, 14hh Riding Mare

Dot, 14hh and will grow a bit more 4 year old traditional cob mare. Ridden and loved all summer by a 13 year old girl. Dot has the most nicest placid nature you could wish for in a pony. To handle she would be perfect for RDA petting pony, or young kids to be around.

To ride she is not a plod. Obviously being recently broken and riding she is green (especially in school) she is forward going and loves to please. Will jump whatever you aim her at. Is completely un-phased by anything. Pops logs fillers.

Moves well. Hacks alone and in company. Would definitely suit a small adult or more experienced teenager due to age and forwardness. Really sad to see her go. She is good in all ways.

Price: £1,300 ono

Location: Pulborough, West Sussex

Contact: Kirtsy Staples

Phone: 07920 721228
Mobile: 07970 861034

  • 3 Year Old Filly
  • 3 Year Old Filly

3 Year Old Filly

Horse for sale, 3 year old cob mare, 13.2hh, big boned mare.

I bought this pony for my daughter, she was riding her every day round our local village with no problems but she has now lost interest as she has a boy friend now.

Price: £350 ono

Location: Dartford

Contact: Violet

Phone: 07824 491146

  • Max, 15hh Welsh Section D Gelding
  • Max, 15hh Welsh Section D Gelding

Max, 15hh Welsh Section D Gelding

For sale, beautiful chestnut Section D Welsh cob gelding, 8 years old, 15hh. Lovely temperament. Max was bought for me by my husband from his sister 3 years ago, she has had him from a foal and can provide more details of his past history. I have not worked with him for the last 2 years due to family commitments however he has been worked on the ground, lunged, long reigned.

He has recently been re-backed as was fidgety to mount, he did great mounting from the ground & feed bucket in stable. He is still green and quite sensitive but is eager to please, needs to be ridden confidently, he is very forward off the leg. Max is now in need of an experienced and confident rider to utilise his potential.

Good with teeth and feet, loves to be groomed. Can be sharp. Loves cuddles. Barefoot, lives in a mixed herd. He's a horse that needs to be worked consistently and correctly to get the best out of him, no novices, serious buyers only please.

Price: £2,000

Location: Chertsey, Surrey

Contact: Julia Court

Phone: 01932 565380
Mobile: 07979 090271

Email:Email Address

  • Honey Bee Brokhalam Lodge, 15hh Mare with Tack
  • Honey Bee Brokhalam Lodge, 15hh Mare with Tack

Honey Bee Brokhalam Lodge, 15hh Mare with Tack

Registered Welsh sec D with green passport, Honey Bee Brokhalam Lodge, it's with a very heavy heart I am selling my beautiful Honey. This is a totally honest sale. I bought Honey 1 year ago as my first horse. Honey is 12 years old and broken into ride, but since I've had her I've not been able to get a bit in her mouth. She becomes totally distressed so I've been backing her with bitless bridle and doing light work. Honey needs to be with someone who is more experienced then I to bring her on.

She is absolutely stunning, loving and very gentle. She is 15hh and very chunky and elegant. I love this horse dearly so will only let her go to experienced loving forever home. She is great with geldings and mares and can live in or out all year round. I believe the right person can take this beauty far.

She is bred from a line of champions, sire the infamous Trevallion Jumping Jack Flash 54652. She is great with farrier however please bear in mind it took 2 hours to load her when I bought her! I am told she prefers a lorry to a trailer. Please call me with any questions.

Price: £1,250 £900 ono

Location: Bramley, Hampshire

Contact: Charmaine

Phone: 07931 026151

Email:Email Address