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Horses & Ponies Wanted

32 results found in Horses and Ponies Wanted. Place a wanted horse advert for only £6

Wanted: 14hh+ Pair of Black Driving Geldings - New

  • 14hh+ Pair of Black Driving Geldings

Looking for a pair of black driving gelding cobs, 6-7 years old.

White legs and feather, 14hh to 15hh. Knowledgeable and 5 star home awaits.

Location: Dorset

Contact: Phil Worley

Phone: 01308 485389
Mobile: 07967 491321

Wanted: 14.2hh+ Riding Horse - New

Wanted, 14.2hh-15.2hh cob type, kind horse for hacking and fun, experienced loving home awaits. No older than 9.

I won't mind a green horse or one that needs more work.

Limited budget and in the Midlands area please. Please ring, email or text.

Location: Midlands

Contact: Kate

Phone: 07985 531298

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14hh+ Driving Pony - New

14 -15hh top class driving pony wanted to do county level showing.

Any breed considered but must be sane, non spooky, good to travel and get on with other horses.

Location: Cumbria

Contact: Gilly

Phone: 07734 556278

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Companion - New

Wanted, companion needed, age and looks unimportant.

Need something urgently for my other horse as he has lost his friend.

Free or loan term loan. Would prefer up to 14hh. Private 5 * home.

Location: Essex

Contact: Lindsay

Phone: 07713 134345

Email:Email Address

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Wanted: 12.3hh+ Driving Pony - New

Driving pony wanted 12.3hh - 13.1hh over 6 years old. Must be experienced driver, quiet and safe in all ways, 100% in all traffic.

For experienced older lady who likes life in the slow lane now.

For pleasure driving only. Prefer Midlands area.

Location: West Midlands

Contact: Bev

Phone: 07815 491364

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15.2hh+ Driving Horse - New

Wanted, heavy driving cob for commercial work. 15.2 - 16hh, close to bomb proof. Please call Michelle.

Location: Channel Islands

Contact: Michelle Perree

Phone: 01481 832027
Mobile: 07781 400447

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Riding Horse - New

  • 15hh+ Riding Horse

Wanted, 15hh+ horse, suitable for a 12 year old competent rider to jump and compete on.

We are experienced horse owners and have a permanent 5* home waiting to offer the right horse, just don't have much money to spend on the initial outlay of buying a horse, that's all.

We don't mind whether mare or gelding, but must be good to hack out too, and have no vices.

Location: Blackpool, Lancs

Contact: Joanne

Phone: 07793 149833

Wanted: 11.2hh Dun Welsh Section A Mare

  • 11.2hh Dun Welsh Section A Mare

Wanted, Welsh Sec A mare, must be 11.2hh, 4 years and over, must be dun in colour as I have a mare I wish to drive as show pair.

My mare has only one white back small sock so as close as you have would be great.

I am only in from 7 to 9 at night so phone 01903 762479 land line or you can leave message with a friend on mobile number.

Location: West Sussex

Contact: Sue Marskell

Phone: 01903 762479
Mobile: 07830 080508 or 07775 752886

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Information on Glenside Laredo

Hackney horse called Glenside Laredo, I was told he was advertised on here a couple of months ago, I need to find him in order to register a colt that's by him.

Location: Essex

Contact: Steve

Phone: 07740 515627

Wanted: 10hh+ Ride and Drive

I am looking for the first pony for my little girl between 10hh-11hh gelding or mare. Driving and broken for riding.

Must not be jumpy in anyway from stable to heavy traffic. Preferably under 10 years of age.

Knowledgeable home awaits. Co. Antrim area preferred.

Location: Co. Antrim

Contact: Rachael

Phone: 07718 191494

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13.2hh Riding Pony

Looking for 13.2hh to 14.2hh cob preferred but that may change on the right horse you may have. Looking to pay around £500-£900. Must be broken but don't mind if they need a little work eg you haven't had time for them but not extremely green.

We're a loving horsey family. We do have 2 other geldings, (so must be okay with geldings) a 12hh retired pony & a 15.2hh. Would be kept at our home not a livery. Spoilt rotten :) .Looking to do showing, hacking, not massively into show jumping will plod over a jump or two but I love showing and long distance rides that sort of thing.

Not looking for a old horse so 5 to 14 years old. Must be okay to load, shoe & doesn't bite or kick. I'm okay with cheekiness but not nastiness. I had an ex cob who was a rescue I have experience but I want something safe. If you have anything like this feel free to contact me :)

Location: Essex

Contact: Michelle

Phone: 07778 586362

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14hh+ Ride and Drive for RDA

I am looking to purchase a ride and drive cob type horse around 14hh to 15hh to be used for the Riding and Driving for the Disabled Association in Suffolk.

Must be a very safe bombproof horse with good stable manners and excellent temperament around people and other horses.

Will be used by disabled and very novice riders and people learning to drive so temperament will be most important. Prepared to look within Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

Location: Suffolk

Contact: Glenny Stone

Phone: 01394 671594

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13.2hh+ Mare

Wanted: Heavy chestnut or would consider chestnut & white traditional gypsy cob mare or filly. From 2 year old to 12 year old from 13.2hh - 15.1hh. Must be heavy in bone and feather but still have a small sweet head.

Either in foal for 2015, with foal at foot or empty. Doesn't have to be of known DNA proven bloodlines. No silly prices, cash waiting for the right mare or filly.

Based Lancashire but willing to travel. May also consider heavy palomino, cremello mare or filly at the right price. Please email or text pictures and info.

Location: Lancashire

Contact: Claire Connor

Phone: 07860 854020

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Riding Horse

Wanted, 15hh and above weight carrier, 7 to 12 years old, will go younger if safe and sound.

Don't have a huge budget but can offer a life long loving home.

£700 without tack. No colts or stallions please.

Location: Leeds

Contact: Annie

Phone: 07723 309667

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14hh to 15hh, Ride and Drive Gelding

Wanted ride & drive. Gelding prefered. 14hh - 15hh. 5 - 10 years, for lady nearing retirement.

Safe & sensible more important than good looks! Cumbria or north.

Cash & 5* home waiting for the right horse.

Location: Cumbria

Contact: Pam Greggain

Phone: 07773 094804

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Driving Mare with Cart and Harness

Wanted 15hh driving mare with cart and harness. 4 to 6 years old.

100per cent on busy roads.

Location: Swinton

Contact: Darren

Phone: 07459 541679

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Ride and Drive Friesian Gelding

Wanted, pure Friesian gelding, 15.2hh to 16.2hh, between 8 and 14 years old, ride and drive.

Must be experienced and bombproof for elderly person to drive.

Location: Castleford

Contact: Mr D Nicholson

Phone: 01977 603073
Mobile: 07796 782892

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Ride and Drive

Wanted, ride and drive cob, 15hh to 15.2hh, 8 to 12 years old.

For pleasure driving. Must be good always. Within 50 miles Tamworth, Staffs.

Location: Atherstone, Warks

Contact: Wendy Day

Phone: 01827 711367
Mobile: 07859 417900

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Ride and Drive Pony

Wanted, ride and drive Shetland pony or section A gelding or mare (no colts or stallions). Must be suitable for beginner driver and also for 8 year old to ride!

Complete with harness and cart and tack if possible! Looking for a forever pony!

5* home, can supply references. Full loan wvtb or for sale.

Location: Liverpool

Contact: Sue Hocker

Phone: 07855 099884

Email:Email Address

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Wanted: Driving Shetland

  • Driving Shetland

Wanted to purchase a chestnut and white driving Shetland, ideally a gelding and as close to 36.5 inches as possible to make up the final member of our team.

Located in Buckingham we can offer a five star driving home with three other Shetlands. We pleasure drive on the roads so the pony will need to be bombproof in traffic.

We have dairy pasture so we can't cope with a pony with laminitis or sweet itch.

Location: Buckingham

Contact: Sarah Whelan

Phone: 07799 660933

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Driving Pony

Wanted, driving pony, must be good in heavy traffic, safe and quiet.

For very experienced pensioner. 5 star permanent home.

Location: North Cornwall

Contact: Barbara Mills

Phone: 01840 770930
Mobile: 07792 625463

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14.2hh+ Ride and Drive

Hi, looking for a ride and drive, 14.2hh to 15hh around 10 years and older. A school master on driving, riding not so important. Middle to heavy weight.

In the Bristol area or near by. Experienced home awaits. Needs to be good in traffic and able to do pleasure drives and box, shoe well.

Doesn't have to have experience in shows. Happy to loan or buy, trial would be helpful.

Location: Portishead

Contact: June

Phone: 01275 390102
Mobile: 07952 929669

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 12hh Driving Gelding

Wanted, experienced driving pony, approximately 12hh. Must be sensible and forward going. Gelding preferred.

Location: Bedfordshire

Contact: Sarah

Phone: 07816 873362
Mobile: 07410 981401

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Hackney Driving Pony

Experienced driving home awaits, savvy lady, broken and driven Shetlands to Shires, pairs and pony teams, so experienced home, now downsized from a pair of Sec D's and looking for a single Hackney pony or suitable pair to drive out and enjoy.

A dope on a rope just won't cut it but sadly no stallions or youngsters (as much as I love breaking and bringing on) as two small mares on my yard for local children, one of the latter is deaf so yard & field safety for the children is a priority for me, now means a different yard from what I am used to running! Fab experienced home ex LHHI (no longer BDS member), groomed for ex Lord Mayor of Bristol, timber pulled, ploughed & driven trotters etc...

Laid back Cornish dreckly but attentive home on the Devon Cornwall border. Retired too soon competition or private driving Hackney or quality ponies may apply! Ideally up to 13.2hh max as wardrobe awaits & active driver but can no longer ride. Loan or sale considered. Might sound like a necky ask but it's one heck of a good home offered!

Location: Cornwall

Contact: Hilary Mackay

Phone: 07730 090500

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14hh+ Companion

Wanted, 14hh-15hh chunky gypsy cob mare or gelding as a companion.

Must be well handled and quiet. Age 7 years or older.

Location: Essex

Contact: Carole

Phone: 07432 720892

Wanted: Pair of Ride and Drive Ponies

Wanted a pair of ride, drive large ponies/small horses. Geldings pref.

Must be good in traffic, farrier, box, etc... To compete club level HDT.

4 years upwards. Good home awaits.

Location: Derbyshire

Contact: Brown

Phone: 07751 472076

Wanted: 14.2hh+ Riding Horse

Wanted 14.2hh - 15hh gypsy cob mare or gelding, must be very quiet, ideally a plodder.

Aged about 8 years or older. Must also be good for children to ride.

Location: Essex

Contact: Carole

Phone: 07432 720892

Wanted: 15.2hh+ Riding Gelding

  • 15.2hh+ Riding Gelding

5* home for life offered to the right horse for me. Experienced older lady rider looking for 15.2hh to 16hh 8-10 year old well behaved horse for very regular hacking.

Been caught out twice in the last couple of years and now have two projects (who are progressing well and will stay with me) but desperate for an uncomplicated safe gelding for relaxing hacks out and to babysit the projects once they are confident enough to ride out.

Breed and colour not important but must be sound, safe and trustworthy to hack out alone and in company with no health issues. Will need to see video of horse ridden. Update: still looking for my last horse for life.

Location: Brittany

Contact: Sue Yates

Phone: 00332 96455173

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Pair of 11.3hh+ Driving Ponies

Matched pair of driving ponies, 11.3hh - 12.2hh. Experienced home awaits.

Location: Beds

Contact: Pat

Phone: 07410 981401
Mobile: 07816 873362

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13hh+ Project Pony

Wanted, project cob, ideally backed but may consider unbroken, but must be well handled, to bring on over the next few months and sell on,

This horse will be treated as one of my own and only sold to a 5* home when ready.

Mare or gelding, 3 years+, 13hh+. Budget is not massive. Emails or texts preferred.

Location: Buckingham

Contact: Sarah

Phone: 07412 302578

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Horses

  • 15hh+ Horses
  • 15hh+ Horses

Wanted, four cobs with similar markings to those in pictures.

Must be 15hh+ aged between 3 and 7. Broken to ride, broken to carriage desirable but not essential.

Must be sensible price to be considered. Going to a good home to be part of a pleasure driving team.

Location: Surrey

Contact: Ben

Phone: 07850 321630

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Wanted, Welsh C ride & drive, 13.2hh, dark bay or liver chestnut gelding, 7 to 12 years old.

Sensible in traffic & good to handle, box & shoe. Long term knowledgeable home. Call Peter.

Location: Newtown

Contact: Peter Fenton

Phone: 01938 810720

Email:Email Address

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