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Horses & Ponies Wanted

18 results found in Horses and Ponies Wanted. Place a wanted horse advert for only £6

Wanted: 15hh+ Ride and Drive Horse

  • 15hh+ Ride and Drive Horse

Hi, I am looking for a ride and drive horse, 15hh plus horse who will ride and drive in very heavy traffic plus who knows his job.

Something flash, black with 4 white socks, hairy, any colour with 4 socks. For a novice rider. Even though I am not just getting old need mounting block now to get on.

12 star home awaits. Can anyone help as been looking for a long time now, this is why I am posting this ad.

Location: Essex

Contact: Pat

Phone: 07967 862115

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14.2hh+ Ride and Drive Horse

Wanted for a disabled rider, ride and drive 14.2hh-15.2hh cob. Must be 100% with all traffic as we get tractors, choppers, trailers and milk tankers mostly. Must stand for grooming without pushing at my daughter.

Not a lead rein horse as she rides well, only balance problems and fear since she came off a racehorse at work. She has brain damage now and lack of strength. Her childhood cob is coming to an end and needs replacing.

5* life long home for right horse, small loan time would be an advantage. Cash waiting and transport ready, location is not a problem for the perfect horse.

Location: Dumfries and Galloway

Contact: Helen Winters

Phone: 07961 031418

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Driving Welsh Section D or PB

  • Driving Welsh Section D or PB

Wanted: a Welsh section D or Welsh X bay, with 4 white socks, 148cm maximum to match this pony to drive in a pair.

Good trainable temperament, traffic, etc... 3 years - 5 years. No stallions.

Location: Worcestershire

Contact: Joseph Adams

Phone: 07590 591301
Mobile: 07703 534648

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Black Shetland Driving Gelding

Shetland gelding wanted to go into a driving team, so needs to match ours.

Must be black, about 40" and experienced driving. No laminitis, sweet itch or any hang ups.

Must also be good in all traffic. Loving, experienced home offered.

Location: Carmarthenshire

Contact: Wendy Morris

Phone: 07976 937392

Wanted: 14.2hh Broodmare

Wanted, mare for breeding, good farm home.

Location: Norwich

Contact: Carole

Phone: 01508 548884

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 12.2hh Pony

Wanted a 12.2hh pony old but sound, 15 to 20 years old wouldn't put me off.

Location: Stranraer

Contact: Harry Forsyth

Phone: 01776 704053
Mobile: 07561 087571

Wanted: 15.2hh+ Ride and Drive Gelding

Wanted, I am looking for a 15.2hh plus gelding that knows his job. Probably something older than 8 years but anything sensible considered. Doesn't have to be broken to harness, must have the temperament to be suitable.

Must be good to hack and able to pop a small course of jumps. Essential that he is safe, sensible and straightforward with no vices and easy to do. Looks/breed immaterial as I am looking for a good character and temperament.

Forever home waiting with an experienced and knowledgeable horse owner and rider. Cash waiting. Scotland or North England only please as I live in the Scottish Borders.

Location: Scottish Borders

Contact: Dawn Purchase

Phone: 07887 606616

Wanted: Shire or Clydesdale Foal

Shire foal or Clydesdale wanted must be young but at least handled, must be able to deliver, total blank canvas.

Will consider filly but colt preferred. Genuine loving home awaits. Colour not important, just good strong foal. Sire and dam would also need to be known.

No stupid prices please but good budget for the right one. Wanted with expected height min of 17.2hh.

Location: Nottingham

Contact: Sharona

Phone: 07501 037558

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14.2hh - 15.3hh Ride and Drive

Wanted 14.2hh - 15.3hh heavy cob or Standardbred mare or gelding. Ride and drive. Must be bombproof etc..

Will be going to a 5* home. Cash waiting.

Location: Portsmouth

Contact: Lee

Phone: 07470 617843
Mobile: 07470 617843

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13.2hh+ Coloured Riding Pony

Coloured traditional wanted for local showing and dressage. 13.2hh to 14.2hh, maximum of 8 years. Essential good to hack alone, including in traffic.

Safe, easy ride in all 4 paces alone and in company. Good to box, shoe and catch. No laminitis, sweet itch, sarcoids or loans. Knowledgeable, loving home offered to right pony.

Must be sensibly priced to reflect the economy and the time of year. North Midlands Wales area. E mail pics if possible please. Tel, text or leave message as I am often busy.

Location: Shropshire Powys

Contact: Lynne

Phone: 07467 100048

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13hh Welsh Section B Broodmare

Welsh sec B brood mare, 13hh ish, no older than 12. Will get good home.

Must be good to handle. Ring any time, thank you.

Location: North Yorkshire

Contact: Desmond

Phone: 01642 711459
Mobile: 07779 746758

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Pair of Shetlands

Wanted a pair of matching Shetland ponies, grey or palomino in colour. Youngster, drive if possible. 8hh to 10hh, thanks.

Location: Newcastle

Contact: Terry Fairley

Phone: 07975 648839

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 16.2hh+ Grey Driving Horse

Preferably single, but pair of grey/white 16.2hh or above experienced carriage horses required for commercial yard with 5* care.

Location: Leics Notts Derbys Border

Contact: Sue

Phone: 07887 614468

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14hh Piebald Pony

Black & white cob, 14hh, either a stallion or a mare, don't mind either.

Must be broken in ready to drive. Must be about 4 or 5 years old.

Carts & harness wanted with the cob. Anyone got anything for sale?

Location: East Sussex

Contact: Lee

Phone: 07535 271500

Wanted: 10hh+ Spotted Stallion

Wanted small spotted pony stallion, 10hh to 12.2hh. Willing to travel and collect.

Location: Isle Of Man

Contact: Trevor

Phone: 01624 825636

Wanted: 15hh Grey Ride and Drive

Wanted, 15hh ride & drive grey single or pair. Must be 100% in traffic, etc... Mares or geldings considered.

Location: Gloucestershire

Contact: Kate Lewis

Phone: 07950 210789

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Shire Driving Gelding or Pair

Wanted, Shire turnout, gelding or pair. Must be mature and experienced, we have trade and agricultural turnouts so fairly flexible as to colour, etc... but would prefer to be below 18hh.

Looking to buy now so let me know what you have got, will travel. Call me on or mail. Thanks for looking.

Location: Nantwich

Contact: Mike Huddart

Phone: 01270 811427

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Riding Horse

Horse wanted on loan with a view to buy. I'm looking for a quiet happy hacker to hack out a couple of times a week.

I am for something that is sane and sensible but forward going. I am 45 so don't want to gallop everywhere.

Will do occasional beach rides. Must be able to hack out alone and in company.

Location: Darwen

Contact: S

Phone: 07590 149077

Email:Email Address