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Horses & Ponies Wanted

15 results found in Horses and Ponies Wanted. Place a wanted horse advert for only £6

Wanted: Driving Pony

Wanted, driving cob under 11hh, must be sound and safe.

Quiet and easy to do as will be used by kids. Can travel, collect, sensible prices please.

To Fit: 11

Location: Stoneykirk Dg9

Contact: Rab

Phone: 07787 368064

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 14hh Riding Mare

14hh riding mare, bombproof in heavy traffic and safe calm in open spaces. For a child to school, jump and hack.

At least 6 years old and an experienced pony. Must live with other bossy mare.

Child's first pony. Easy travel to Wiltshire preferable

To Fit: 14

Location: Wiltshire

Contact: Lizzy

Phone: 07795 255514

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Horses

  • 15hh+ Horses
  • 15hh+ Horses

Wanted, four cobs with similar markings to those in pictures.

Must be 15hh+ aged between 3 and 7. Broken to ride, broken to carriage desirable but not essential.

Must be sensible price to be considered. Going to a good home to be part of a pleasure driving team.

To Fit: 15

Location: Surrey

Contact: Ben

Phone: 07850 321630

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Pair of 11.2hh+ Driving Ponies

Wanted, pair of good driving ponies. Prefer grey, white, palomino, spotted, pale roan, chestnut or black but others considered if right ponies at right price.

Must be 110% traffic, easy to do and good drivers. Prefer aged between 5 and 10 but others considered. Would be good if had their own harness but not essential.

Prefer local to Devon but again will travel for right ponies at right price. Do not need fine, showy or fast ponies, must be good and honest workers with some substance please. Between 11.2hh and 13hh

To Fit: 12

Location: Near Totnes Devon

Contact: Pandora Best - T

Phone: 07879 430366

Wanted: Ride and Drive Fell Pony

Hi, I'm looking a Fell pony, 7 to 10 years old, driving and riding with good temperament.

Preferably in Northern Ireland, even Southern Ireland.

Money waiting, thanks in advance. Contact Charlie.

To Fit: 13.2

Location: Co Derry N Ireland

Contact: Charlie Higgins

Phone: 07734 468742
Mobile: 07894 007388

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Riding Horse

Experienced and loving one to one home awaits the horse that fits this description: 15hh-17hh, 6-12 years old; gelding preferred but will consider mares; well established riding horse suitable for general riding activities including xc, hunting and local shows.

Open to most breeds, however no traditional coloured cobs or full TBs. Must be a forward going ride and have no vices or behavioural issues. Horse will be vetted prior to purchase.

Willing to travel anywhere within 100 mile radius of Milton Keynes.

Location: Milton Keynes

Contact: Julie

Phone: 07713 340038

Email:Email Address

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Wanted: 14.2hh Mare

  • 14.2hh Mare
  • 14.2hh Mare

Wanted a mare or filly with these type of markings but no greys.

Email only with photos, many thanks.

Location: Chester

Contact: Withheld

Phone: 07983 228302

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 2 Year Old Gelding or Colt

Wanted 15.1hh min gelding or colt coloured black and white, lots of feather and mane.

Preferred 2 years old but for the right type I would still be interested.

Would like it to be halter broken and passported, also have a straight movement, kind nature.

Location: Cambridgeshire

Contact: John Newman

Phone: 01767 650797
Mobile: 07771 691600

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 16hh Riding Gelding

  • 16hh Riding Gelding

5* home for life offered to the right horse for me. Very experienced but older lady now looking for a quiet and reliable hack gelding about 16hh and around 12 years old.

Been caught out twice in the last couple of years and now have two projects (who are progressing well and will stay with me) but desperate for an uncomplicated safe gelding for relaxing hacks out and to babysit the projects once they are confident enough to ride out.

Breed and colour not important but must be sound, safe and trustworthy to hack out alone and in company with no health issues. Will need to see video of horse ridden.

Location: Brittany

Contact: Sue Yates

Phone: 00332 96455173

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Pair of Jenny Donkeys

Wanted, 2 small jenny donkeys, must be quiet and good to handle. Loving home awaits.

Location: Essex

Contact: Carole

Phone: 01371 856724

Wanted: 13hh+ Riding Gelding

I have a forever home with stables and lots of cuddles for a small chunky gelding that will carry a 5ft, 8 1/2 stone adult. Would like to show a little but mainly hacking so must be able to hack alone with no issues.

Would prefer piebald cob type but open to offers as I have very tight budget. I have a Shetland x cob who carries me with ease. Would consider loan with view to buy.

Would like him to come with tack and up to date with teeth, vaccinations and feet. I am in Dorset and taken lorry off road for winter so would be happy to pay for delivery.

Location: Wimborne. Dorset

Contact: Julie Wallis-Smith

Phone: 07733 159624

Wanted: 14.3hh+ Riding Horse

I am looking for a 5-9 year old middle weight cob/cob x sort, broken in. 14.3hh-16hh. I don't mind a project or quirks as long as the horse has a nice temperament.

Fun loving home awaits. Limited budget.

Location: Leicester

Contact: Kate

Phone: 07985 531298

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 15hh+ Ride and Drive Gelding

  • 15hh+ Ride and Drive Gelding

Wanted, to buy under £800 heavy weight cob type 15hh plus ride and drive gelding. Must be 100% safe to drive single. I'm happy to bring him back into riding or driving so long as he has been driven in the past with no problems. Preferably not a complete kick along plod but a calm, responsive, horse that is suitable for a novice adult and all the family to ride.

he perfect horse would be a horse that has been there done it and now looking for a quieter life but not yet ready to fully retire. He must be used to farm traffic, children and dogs. Between the ages of 12 and 18 would be perfect but younger would be fine for the right horse. I can offer a great, knowledgeable, forever home with my family and other horses on a private yard that is open to vetting. Must be 100% sound, healthy and be micro chipped and passported. Bare foot would be a massive bonus!

The less white the better! The kids already have two grey ponies and I just couldn't cope with another grey! Lol The darker the better! Unless he is the perfect horse, in which case I will just buy shares in horse shampoo! Section A 10 year old ideal first pony on and off lead rope available to swap.

Location: South Bucks

Contact: Laura

Phone: 07967 047842

Wanted: 14hh+ Riding Horse

Wanted bombproof cob for confident novice, mother and daughter share. Must be 14hh upwards.

Non competitive home. Used for hacking only.

Location: Manchester

Contact: Lisa

Phone: 07875 972481

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 13.2hh Ride and Drive Gelding

Wanted, Welsh C ride & drive, 13.2hh, dark bay or liver chestnut gelding, 7 to 12 years old.

Sensible in traffic & good to handle, box & shoe. Long term knowledgeable home. Call Peter.

Location: Newtown

Contact: Peter Fenton

Phone: 01938 810720

Email:Email Address