Bennington Disabled Vehicle

Bennington disabled carriage with hydraulic ramp. Very good condition, has been stored undercover.

Hydraulics are in good working order. It has hard rubber tyres in good condition.

The carriage has one seat as a wheel chair is fitted with straps to keep wheel chair in place. Fits a pony between 13.2hh - 14.2hh.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 14.2hh

Price: £800 £600 ono

Location: Abergavenny

Contact: Jo Huggard

Phone: 01873 880531
Mobile: 07782 333123

Bennington Disabled Vehicle

Bennington Disabled Vehicle

Exercise Cart

  • Exercise Cart
  • Exercise Cart

Exercise cart, brand new, unused, ready to go.

To Fit: 12hh to 13.2hh

Price: £389 ono

Location: Anglesey North Wales

Contact: Ian

Phone: 07776 000219