Pleasure Vehicle

Four wheel pleasure cart, disc brakes all the way around, pole to drive a pair or use as a single. To fit 12hh -15hh, very good condition only used 5 times.

To Fit: 12hh to 15hh

Price: £1,350 ono - Sold

Sold by Dragon Driving

Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

Wanted: Farm Wagon

Looking for a full size 4 wheeled farm wagon on iron tyres, not sprung, to suit a heavy horse. Anything considered, don't mind work, including wheels but not total basket cases, seen too many of those lately.

Or a full size Dray, sprung, on iron tyres, ex brewers, bottle, market, etc... again work needed not a problem.

Serious buyer, will travel to view. Will pay a finders fee for any information leading to a purchase. Still looking so please get in touch.

To Fit: 17hh to >18.3hh

Location: Nantwich

Contact: Mike Huddart

Phone: 01270 811427

Email: h u d d a r t e n g i n e s @ h o t m a i l . c o m