Governess Cart

Governess cart in good condition. Original wooden wheels in good condition with all spokes and felloes present and tight, hub caps are brass and marked Gilderson Junior, Ilford. It has a dropped axle. Shafts are complete with brass fittings. Shaft ends are covered with leather. Rein rail is brass.

The seats are wooden with seat covers (not original) and the floor is also wooden. The two elliptical springs are in good condition. The cart was refurbished 11 years ago for a wedding with new tyres and some panels replaced, it hasn't been used since because we don't own a pony but it has been covered and stored inside.

Approximate sizes are wheel dia 1.2m, width across wheel centres 1.4m, height from ground to shaft centres 0.8 - 0.9m, shaft length from tip to cross bar 1.8m and minimum distance between shafts 0.59m.

Price: £600

Location: Northumberland

Contact: John Haigh

Phone: 01434 673103

Email: h a i g h 5 0 @ o u t l o o k . c o m

Governess Cart

Governess Cart

Wanted: Wagon Restoration

  • Wagon Restoration
  • Wagon Restoration

Wooden hay wagon restoration. Old four wheel wagon wanted for restoration, hay wagon or flat bed possibly, as in photos.

Please send photos along with the price. Please email rather than phone.

Location: Darlington

Contact: Robert Coster

Phone: 01833 660033

Email: r o b e r t c . c o s t e r @ g m a i l . c o m