Pleasure Vehicle

4 wheeled small pony pair pleasure vehicle, unfinished project. Phaeton type carriage or could be turned into a wagonette. A nice light vehicle on 4 elliptical springs. For sale as too small for present ponies and other vehicles now acquired.

Purchased a couple of years ago and completely stripped. Metal work anti rust painted. New wheel bearings fitted. Brake calipers professionally reconditioned to be fitted by purchaser. Wheels in very good condition. New floor fitted to the driver's foot well. First picture shows restoration so far. Second picture shows the rough shape with the original seats, dash and sides propped up on it.

All the woodwork needs replacing. Original panels kept for patterns to go with purchase. Will be a nice looking vehicle when completed. Front wheels 28” diameter. Back wheels 36” diameter. Height of splinter bar 25”. A pole is available which will require fitting as not the original pole.

To Fit: 10.2hh to 12hh

Price: £550 ovno - Sold

Hope the project goes well. Sold by Dragon Driving

Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

Kutzmann MD15S Competition Carriage

  • Kutzmann MD15S Competition Carriage
  • Kutzmann MD15S Competition Carriage

Kutzmann MD15S 3 phase marathon competition carriage. This carriage is new and fully equipped for 3 phase marathon competitions.

It has hard tyres, turntable brake, delayed steering, stainless steel competition eye shaft tips, extendable rear axle, rear brakes with stainless discs and decorative piping on the upholstery. The suspension is 3 point semi elliptical front and elliptical rear for ruggedness and stability over rough ground and obstacles.

The delayed steering means that the carriage follows the pony more accurately without cutting in making a clear round in the cones easier to achieve. The driver can mount the carriage from the rear instead of climbing up the side. Price includes VAT and free delivery mainland UK.

To Fit: 11.2hh to 13.2hh

Price: £3,379 no offers

Location: Narberth

Contact: P. Phillips - T

Phone: 01994 453571

Email: s a l e s @ k u t z m a n n c a r r i a g e s . u k