Hartland Pleasuresport

Hartland Pleasuresport with medium and wide back shafts and wedge and marathon seats. 6 years old but in excellent condition as hardly used.

It seats 4 people or has wedge seat option. It has under seat storage compartment, rear disc brakes and parking brake.

Can deliver, for free, anywhere from Aberdeen to south Yorkshire/Lancashire, maybe a bit further, as we are travelling with an empty box on July 22nd.

To Fit: 14hh to 16.2hh

Price: £1,900 ovno

Location: Near Aberdeen

Contact: Ruth Cowell

Phone: 07989 251010

Email: r u t h c o w e l l 2 5 @ g m a i l . c o m

Hartland Pleasuresport

Pleasure Vehicle

  • Pleasure Vehicle

4 wheeled pleasure driving vehicle with pneumatic tyres. In excellent condition. .

To Fit: 14hh to 15.2hh

Price: £1,800

Location: Hawick

Contact: Clive Rushton Green

Phone: 01450 372677
Mobile: 07486 605898