Farm Cart

Farm yard cart to fit 15.2hh to 18.2hh, needs some attention to the paint as it's paint chip. Been barn stored.

Good cart for someone. Good wheels and axle, solid shafts, no wood worm.

This is a must see this cart.

To Fit: 15.2hh to >18.3hh

Price: £1,000 £800 ovno - Sold

Sold by Dragon Driving

Farm Cart

Farm Cart

Wanted: Wagon Restoration

  • Wagon Restoration
  • Wagon Restoration

Wooden hay wagon restoration. Old four wheel wagon wanted for restoration, hay wagon or flat bed possibly, as in photos.

Please send photos along with the price. Please email rather than phone.

Location: Darlington

Contact: Robert Coster

Phone: 01833 660033

Email: r o b e r t c . c o s t e r @ g m a i l . c o m