Leftley Gig

Leftley Gig. 43 inch wheel. Fibreglass tub and shafts, steel chassis and wheels. Nice lightweight gig. Very presentable, although there's some rust spotting on chassis and wheels. Easy enough to sort.

With the gig level the distance from the ground to the tug stops is 40 inches (it is also possible to lift the whole gig by putting blocks between the axle and the springs, there's a limit to how much you can do this but 2-3 inches should be fine I would think). The distance from the swingle tree hook end to the tug stop is 48 inches (the tug stop is adjustable so this 48 inches could be increased to 50 inches or reduced to 46 inches).

The distance between the shafts at the tug stop is 24 inches (this is almost the maximum but there is adjustment so it could be reduced, I would guess by 2-4 inches). The distance between the shafts at the swingle tree is 30 inches (again with a little adjustment possible).

To Fit: 11hh to 13hh

Price: £650 £600 ono - Sold

Leftley Gig

Leftley Gig

Bennington Buccaneer

  • Bennington Buccaneer
  • Bennington Buccaneer

Bennington Buccaneer, this has been used on a 15.1hh Welsh D and 16.1hh Hackney for local and national events.

Still in good condition, has been kept under cover but could do with a bit of TLC.

Only for sale as horse retired from driving. Will come with the spares basket.

To Fit: 15.1hh to 16.1hh

Price: £750 ono

Location: Bristol

Contact: Jackie Bennett

Phone: 07581 697827

Email: J a c k i e . b e n n e t t 6 9 @ y a h o o . c o m