Stolen, Exercise Cart

My horse cart / exercise cart was stolen. Black inch and half shafts, red alloy wheels, red chequer plate on bottom and foot stay, blue check square leather seat.

It has a rounded back support with black gaffer tape on. It also as a threaded bar that sticks out on both ends of back support. It also has a twisted whip holder and odd ball tyres but new.

Please contact us, regards. Date stolen 30/11/2020. Place missing: Warrington Cheshire. Crime no: 859426 Cheshire police, police contact Jack Burnough.

Price: stolen

Location: Warrington

Contact: Billy

Phone: 07547 135419

Email: m a d m a n r a v e 7 @ g m a i l . c o m

Stolen, Exercise Cart

Jog Cart

  • Jog Cart
  • Jog Cart

Triple seat jogger, Brodeur spoke wheels, fits 14hh to 16.2hh. Quick hitch or breast plate and breeching.

Low to floor for easy access and anti slip aluminium checker plate. Powder coated, quality padded leather seat, whip holder.

Brand new, never been used.

To Fit: 14hh to 16.2hh

Price: £1,400 ovno

Location: Lancaster M6 Ju 34

Contact: James

Phone: 07812 507924