Pleasure Vehicle

I've bought this vehicle a year ago as a restoration project but unfortunately other things took priority and I now don't have enough time to do this. The sides of this cart are steam bent and they developed cracks along the sides, you can see it in the pictures. It isn't very difficult job, it's more of time consuming and for somebody who is confident in DIY-ing would be easy.

Otherwise the cart is in very good overall condition. These are really, really soft and springy ash shafts, soft cushioned seat, soft suspension and driving this vehicle is an absolute pleasure. It is very presentable too and would make great show vehicle.

We have driven it last year quite often and it turned many eyes. I would like to sell it for the same price that I paid but I'm open to sensible offers. The horse on the picture is 15.2hh Clydesdale x gypsy cob. The vehicle is barn stored all the time.

To Fit: 15.2hh to 16.2hh

Price: £1,200 ono

Location: West Sussex, Chichester

Contact: Gerard

Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

Pleasure Vehicle

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Dick Carey Pleasure Vehicle

  • Dick Carey Pleasure Vehicle

Dick Carey hand crafted approx 1980 two wheeled ex competition vehicle. Original wheel hoops and back step.

Suits 13.2hh to 14hh. Used for pleasure driving to date. Some extras. Ready to drive.

To Fit: 13.2hh to 14hh

Price: £750 no offers

Location: Bexhill

Contact: Diane Bundy