Bennington Presentation Gig

Bennington presentation gig, 43 inch wheels. To suit 13.2hh upwards. Dark green with light green lining. Wedge seat, adjustable shafts, draught chains and swingle tree.

In very good condition, ideal for pleasure and exercise classes.

Could possibly help with delivery.

To Fit: 13.2hh Plus

Price: £1,600 £1,500 ovno

Location: Ayr, Glasgow

Contact: Ella

Phone: 01292 520314
Mobile: 07857 065700

Bennington Presentation Gig

Bennington Presentation Gig

Bennington Buccaneer

  • Bennington Buccaneer
  • Bennington Buccaneer

Lovely Bennington Buccaneer. Suit 11-12hh. Racing green. 30" wheels. Elliptical springs, very comfortable ride. Adjustable shafts for length and height. Adjustable seat for height, with sliding lever located under seat for ease of balancing.

Beautifully balanced vehicle, would suit beginner wanting to do pleasure driving or exercise show class. Fits into small livestock / pony trailer. Shafts quickly removable. May also suit up-to-height standard Shetland with shafts in lower setting.

Message me if you would like more photos or dimensions.

To Fit: 11hh to 12hh

Price: £950

Location: Central Scotland / Dundee

Contact: Lizanne Kempsell

Phone: 07803 583055