Highgate Pony Smart Cart

Highgate Pony Smart Cart, a very comfortable cart with a wide padded seat. Very easy to get on and off as the low entry suits persons with bad backs and bad hips, etc...

Has turntable, under seat basket, slow down sign, reflectors and a really good wide back step. The shafts have been professionally lengthened to accommodate a bigger longer pony, these can be shortened to suit, or back to original length.

Size is approximate as I have only had a large pony in it but I think it may suit 11.2hh up to 13hh (but with the longer shafts went 13hh+). Buyer collects only, just off M27.

To Fit: 11.2hh to 13hh

Price: £1,400 £1,250

Location: Hampshire

Contact: Jo

Highgate Pony Smart Cart

Highgate Pony Smart Cart

Exercise Vehicle

  • Exercise Vehicle
  • Exercise Vehicle

4 wheeled cart for single or pair pole and shafts, for 14hh-16hh.

To Fit: 14hh to 16hh

Price: £1,200 ono

Location: Essex

Contact: Elaine