Exercise Cart with Harness

Brand new Shetland cart and harness. Cart is braked and got adjustable shafts.

Blue and black tie down harness. Both never seen a horse. Travel Coventry way once a week, can take up or meet.

To Fit: 7hh to 10hh

Price: £450 ono

Location: South Wales

Contact: L

Exercise Cart with Harness

Exercise Cart with Harness

Pleasure Vehicle

  • Pleasure Vehicle
  • Pleasure Vehicle

Shetland carriage for exercise or pleasure driving, to fit 9 - 10hh. pony in picture is 10hh. In good condition.

On solid carriage wheels, nice lightweight carriage. Removable shafts.

To Fit: 9hh to 10hh

Price: £475 ovno

Location: Bangor, North Wales

Contact: Michael