Livery Coats

Livery coats, 1 whip's, 2 grooms. Dark green with black collars. Will separate.

Price: £250 £150

Location: Wigton, Cumbria

Contact: Jennifer Turner

Phone: 01697 478495

Livery Coats

Livery Coats

D-Day 40th Anniversary Commemorative Plate

  • D-Day 40th Anniversary Commemorative Plate

D-Day 40th Anniversary commemorative plate and half pint tankard which is fully engraved with all of the British and American regiments that took part in this historic event. It is beautifully engraved and is supported by all paperwork from the company who produced this lovely piece of work that remembers those wonderful people who played their part.

It is now offered for sale so that others may have the pleasure of it as I have for many years. It is now time for it to go to someone else.

I am giving the money to charity in support of this years event as the charity concerned do not have the facility to sell it themselves and I will inform the buyer, who I hope will be generous, as to who the charity is. Thank you. Update: with the anniversary of the 1944 D-Day landings coming up I wish to donate the money raised for the lovely piece of our history to Normandy Memorial Trust and the British Legion so please make a kind offer for these worthy causes.

Price: £150 guide price for charity donation

Location: Ipstones. Staffs

Contact: Maurice Arden

Phone: 01538 266086