Burgundy Livery Coats

Livery Coats. 1 x Whips, 2 x Grooms. Burgundy with black collars. Made by Fairburn Carriages.

Price: £750 £450

Location: Wigton, Cumbria

Contact: Jennifer Turner

Phone: 01697 478495

Burgundy Livery Coats

Burgundy Livery Coats

Round Bale Trailer

  • Round Bale Trailer
  • Round Bale Trailer

Round bale trailer, great piece of equipment to have on any yard. Easy to use. Little used. No longer needed

Price: £500

Location: Deal

Contact: Caroline

Phone: 07763 371690

Email: R e m u s _ b e l l e @ l i v e . c o . u k