Turntable Rings - New

Turntable rings sold per set. Price per set. 2 in a set.

Rings are 2ft 10 inches across.

Price: £30 per set

Location: Wisbech

Contact: Susie

Phone: 01945 587106
Mobile: 07824 813604

Turntable Rings

Footboards for Bellcrowns

  • Footboards for Bellcrowns
  • Footboards for Bellcrowns

False Footboards for Bellcrown gigs. These were made bespoke for use on my Bellcrown Arrow & Spider Gig. They sit in the angle between the floor and foot board, allowing someone with shorter legs to use gig without moving the seat to far forward and unbalance gig.

A. Measures 14" s 10" with a raise of 2 3/8". B. Measures 16" x 9" with a raise of 4 3/8" this one has leather on the runners so they don't scratch the floor. I used this one on my Show Ring Gig.

These are heavy to post but have included P&P in price.

Price: £25 Each

Location: Stowmarket

Contact: Helen Seymour

Phone: 07951 216670