A selection of 5 1/2" bits, Sam Marsh Liverpool, military reversible, 2 slot ported Liverpool, 2 3 slotted Liverpools, 1 Wilson snaffle.

Price: £70

Location: East Yorkshire

Contact: Alan Wilkinson

Phone: 01964 562253

Email: a r w i l k f r c s @ a r w i l k f r c s . k a r o o . c o . u k



Patent Collar

  • Patent Collar

Patent collar, believed to be English, all black, in v.g.c. 20 1/2".

Further measurements please call or email, thank you.

Price: £80

Location: Perth

Contact: Kirsty

Phone: 07818 424246

Email: k m a t r a z z y @ g m a i l . c o m