Heavy Horse Harness

1 full set of harness for heavy horse. Not new but in good condition.

Consists of bridle and bit, collar with brass hames, lovely leather driving saddle, breeching, girth, belly strap and thick leather traces and a set of reins.

Collar was restuffed but now needs reclothing. Collect from Northamptonshire, Please email for more photos

To Fit: Heavy

Price: £450

Location: Northamptonshire

Contact: Marlene Thompson

Phone: 00335 53353166

Email: m a r l e n e s u s a n . t h o m p s o n @ g m a i l . c o m

Heavy Horse Harness

Heavy Horse Harness


  • Collar
  • Collar

English work collar, brass hames and leather traces with chain ends.

Measures just under 23" and 10.75" width. For more details, please ring.

Price: £440

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Contact: John

Phone: 07507 266156