G and R Breaking Services

G & R breaking services, stables available for breaking to either ride or drive. With over 20 years experience any horse can be taken whether it be an untouched youngster, a problem horse or just getting back into work.

Horses can be broken in either quick hitch or collar and britchen harness. All horses are different but usually take 6-8 weeks to start from scratch.

Shoeing is also available at an extra cost. Transport can be arranged at an extra cost.

Price: £120 per week

Location: Darlington

Contact: Gareth Dunn

Phone: 07752 529272
Mobile: 07552 513156

Email: r a c h a e l e c c l e s 2 0 2 0 @ y a h o o . c o m

G and R Breaking Services

G and R Breaking Services

G and R Breaking Services

G and R Breaking Services


  • Plough
  • Plough

Horse drawn plough found in bushes. Seems to be intact apart from wooden handles.

Very rusty but solid. Could be restored to working use.

Price: £100

Location: Dorking Surrey

Contact: Elaine Jee

Phone: 07909 518664

Email: p . j e e 3 3 @ n t l w o r l d . c o m