Zilco ZGB Harness

Zilco cob size ZGB harness, like new. This harness was bought by a customer and used twice, sadly driving was not for the horse and I took it as a trade in for next size up to fit new horse.

This is a bargain for someone, brand new this harness retails at £1150, some of the parts still have the new labels on. Price includes the postage. ZGB Harness has been designed for the toughest marathon conditions and features built in versatility between single, pair and team.

Multi purpose design of breastplate and saddle which allows the same harness to be used for single, pair or team. Breastplate and traces are all in one with adjustment for length made behind the horse (more accessible when driving multiples). Tough 50mm (2") traces with reinforced holes.

Price: £925 ovno

Location: Jersey Channel Islands

Contact: Adam - T

Phone: 07797 724879

Zilco ZGB Harness

Zilco ZGB Harness

Show Harness by Ride and Drive

  • Show Harness by Ride and Drive

Concours show harness made by Ride and Drive for a 13.2hh Fell pony. Black patent leather with brass fittings. All buckles with stainless steel tongues. Bridle with patent hatchet winkers and facedrop. Brass clincher browband, lined and raised noseband. Rolled throat and winker stays. 5/8" cheek width. Plain brass rosettes.

Padded patent lined breastcollar with lined, single neck strap. Trace buckles with patent leather safes. Gig saddle built on laminated wooden tree, wide fit, with cantle. Patent leather top and straight flaps. Flocked panel. Separate girth lay. Sliding backband (1.1/4"). Open tugs with patent leather safes and separate bellyband.

Breeching with padded patent leather. Lined, split loin strap. Fully lined breeching straps. Fully adjustable, lined crupper with buckled linseed dock. Traces (1.1/4") lined, raised and double stitched. 3/4" plain leather reins. Made to measure but very little used so in like new condition. Huskisson full collar also available.

Price: £900 £750 no offers

Location: Spilsby, Lincolnshire

Contact: June

Phone: 01754 830057

Email: d a v i d s e x t o n 1 9 4 2 @ g m a i l . c o m