Phoenix Festival Caravan

17x10 Phoenix Festival caravan, all in one kitchen area and lounge, one small bedroom, small bath and wash basin.

No toilet, could be made to take a toilet (remove bath for shower). KT15 area. Withheld numbers will not be answered.

Price: £995 ono

Location: Addlestone

Contact: Mary Darvill - T

Phone: 07768 242223

Phoenix Festival Caravan

Phoenix Festival Caravan


  • Turntable
  • Turntable

Brand new heavy duty horse carriage turntable made of steel and carved wood (front carriage suspension), suitable for heavy carriages.

It can be modified according to your requirements. More photos on request. Can be posted to your address.

Dimensions, springs span 940mm, metal ring 555m, total width 1640mm, total length 1140mm.

Price: £1,200 £800 ovno

Location: Cambridgeshire

Contact: Arek

Phone: 07503 311208

Email: a s 8 6 3 @ c a m . a c . u k