5 Acres with Barn, Somerset

5 acres land with large barn, water & electric. 5 acres with large barn, internal stables, mains water and mains electricity at Sparkford, Somerset BA22 7JZ. Close to the A303. Freehold.

The land is approx. 5 acres of agricultural land with a large barn and internal stables, barn size is slightly larger than 18.6m x 6m and 2.5 metres to eaves. The land is close to excellent local bridleways and footpaths including over the ridge with panoramic views.

The barn and field has mains water and mains electricity connected. Freehold. Own access from the highway and is not far from the a303.

Price: £190,000 ono

Location: Sparkford

Contact: Wendy Evans

Phone: 07966 255705
Mobile: 01963 250955

Email: d o r s e t s t a b l i n g @ g m a i l . c o m

5 Acres with Barn, Somerset

5 Acres with Barn, Somerset

3 Acres, Kings Langley

3 acres of land in Kings Langley, it's got its own entrance, electric and water. One of the best areas in London.

Not passed. Would make a very good home in very good location.

Price: £165,000 per acre

Location: London

Contact: Slege Cash

Phone: 07715 251495