2 Acres Land with Planning, Kent

Yard, 2 acres land, permanent passed for life for any gypsy, travellers, fair keepers for 5 mobile homes/chalets, 3 touring caravans. Brick building 33ftx25ft, granite stone kitchen work top from Italy, fully furnished, bathroom done to top standards. 3 stables and 1 open shelter 30x10ft and 1 open shelter 20x12ft.

Yard passed for life over 10 years. Water, 3 thrase business rates electric, big tall iron gates 18ft wide, brick walls holding them up, 2 septic tanks, road all type 1, big gateway on to main road, 2 gateways. 1 acre fenced off, other acre half fenced off. Cameras fitted, night vision and sound. Smallholding licensed too, sheep and horse fields around me.

Will sell in the half acres but only transfer the yards when all 4 buyers are found, transfer of all yards will be done on the same day. This yard will make a good rental yard, 1 mile from Tainham town. Open bids and offers for half acres or the full lot, viewing recommended to see full potential of place.

Price: POA

Location: Kent

Contact: Tammy

Phone: 07502 038392

Email: t a m m y j o n e s 6 9 @ a o l . c o m

2 Acres Land with Planning, Kent

Shaft and Wheel Covers

  • Shaft and Wheel Covers

Waterproof shaft covers, well padded, also wheel covers, both as new.

Price: POA

Location: Winkleigh

Contact: Pc

Phone: 01837 83433
Mobile: 07765 153183