Rolex Day Date Watch

2021 rose gold Day Date 36mm. Chocolate face original factory diamond dial, diamond bezel, RBR on card means factory set. No time wasters, no private call!

Price: £45,000 ono

Location: Nuneaton

Contact: A

Phone: 07341 536511

Rolex Day Date Watch

Rolex Day Date Watch

Land, Trowbridge

  • Land, Trowbridge

Land for sale near Trowbridge, just over half acre, enough to make four small plots or two big plots. Never tried for.

Bought other place. No time wasters, messers. Electricity at the gate, water up road. Got its own access off private road. No private numbers.

Price: £45,000 ovno

Location: Wiltshire

Contact: J

Phone: 07307 260316