Wanted: Yard

Passed yard wanted, must be on its own. Send us a picture the size and permissions it's got and price you're wanting.

Outskirts of London preferred but can earn living anywhere so don't mind.

Money waiting for the right ground.

Location: Hertfordshire

Contact: Nathan Smith

Phone: 07928 364044

Email: y a r d w a n t e d @ o u t l o o k . c o m


Wanted: Grazing Land

  • Grazing Land

Wanted, 1 acre to 3 acres, any land considered for grazing to buy or rent. Brynmawr or 14 miles radius

Wanted for grazing only not to build on. Cash buyer. Will also look at other areas.

Or to rent, don't mind shearing.

Location: Brynmawr, South Wales

Contact: Loraine

Phone: 01495 311591
Mobile: 07415 316237

Email: l o r a i n e . b u f f o n @ s k y . c o m