Tyson Fury Fight Tickets

2x Tyson Fury tickets, 1st tier, section 120, row 21. Very good seats.

Price: £700 £650 no offers

Location: Essex

Contact: J

Tyson Fury Fight Tickets

Bow Top Running Gear

  • Bow Top Running Gear
  • Bow Top Running Gear

Original Bow top running gear to include, 2 metal rims at 33 inch diameter, 2 original axles front/rear. All fee running front is 58 inches and rear is 64 inches.

2 pairs leaf springs which are 40 inches from bush to Bush. 2 wheel hubs and various bolts required. All totally original very hard to find in one job lot.

Price: £700 £575 ovno

Location: Eye

Contact: Jonathan Painter