Mercedes 518cdi 3.5T Horsebox

Mercedes 518cdi down rated to 3.5t horsebox. 3.0 v6, 6 speed manual, recent 1k service. Economical but would pull a house down.

Well fitted with a good Graham Edwards horsebox, with partition and loading gates. Towbar.

No silly bids. Update: this box has new plate cert and v5 as a 3.5 t horsebox, would suit young driver.

Price: £11,550 £11,395 ono

Location: Leicestetshire

Contact: Alistair Clarke - T

Phone: 07508 607958

Email: a c c y 2 k @ y a h o o . c o m

Mercedes 518cdi 3.5T Horsebox

Mercedes 518cdi 3.5T Horsebox

Private Plate

  • Private Plate

Private number plate, B41LAA, Baller, Balla, Bailer. This plate has never been on the road and as such not linked to anyone, you'll be the first to show it off.

On retention with years remaining, price includes transfer to your name.

Price: £1,499 ono

Location: Mansfield

Contact: Dan

Phone: 07968 869735