Honda Power Washer

2017 Honda 13 bhp power washer, it's in excellent condition and is working like new, throws out 21 litres per min.

Comes with 100 foot of hose, 6ft turbo nozzle gun and 3ft blow down gun. Serviced not long ago.

Can be fully tested before purchase. Thanks, call me for more info.

Price: £900 - Sold

Sold by Dragon Driving

Honda Power Washer

Honda Power Washer

Carriage Trailer

  • Carriage Trailer
  • Carriage Trailer

2 wheel trailer specifically designed to carry 2 wheel carriage, Gig, Dog Cart, etc...

Complete with new lighting board. Genuine bargain.

Price: £225

Location: Blackpool

Contact: Graham Henson

Phone: 07885 519770