2023 Fendt 650 Palace Caravan

Brand new Fendt 650 Palace 2023. Only delivered this morning from factory not registered yet. Only 1 left.

Please call for any more information.

Price: £33,800 £33,500

Location: Dusntable

Contact: Paddy Berry Jnr - T

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2023 Fendt 650 Palace Caravan

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Wanted today, jeeps, vans, pick ups, cars. Instant buyer today of all Golfs, Hilux, Land Cruiser, Ford Ranger, Range Rover Sport/ Vogue, Defender/ Discovery, Mercedes, BMW, Shogun, vans, crew vans, tippers.

Same day payment and collection, no messing about. Message me what you have for sale.

Location: London

Contact: John - T

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