12.2hh Riding Gelding

8 year old strawberry roan mini cob, up to a few weeks ago he was the most bombproof driving cob you could ever wish for,.great with any traffic and would stand for hours at a junction our outside the pub, he had been driving for 5 years and loved going out, sadly he managed to rub his bridle off on the shafts of his cart and bolted, now he has lost his confidence on the road and with cars.

I do not have the experience or the time to restart him, my children still ride him in the menage and around the fields which he is fab with, I'm sure with someone who has the time and experience he would soon become amazing again. He has beautiful movement and would make a great in hand show pony.

He's really friendly, good to catch, with farrier, he's barefoot at the moment but has been shod all round. He's always the first to come running to you in the field. This is a very very sad sale but he's far too good to just plod around a field. I need him to be sold asap so am offering him at a very low price.

Price: £550 ono

Location: Northampton

Contact: Skye

Phone: 07990 502171

12.2hh Riding Gelding

12.2hh Riding Gelding

Lanesfield Lord Leyton, 11.2hh Welsh Section A Gelding

  • Lanesfield Lord Leyton, 11.2hh Welsh Section A Gelding

Lanesfield Lord Leyton, grey Welsh Section gelding A (53971 Vol LXXX1(81) W.S.B.), D.O.B 12/06/1997. Ex scurry driving pony. Owned by me since 2010 and used for Private Driving.

Lional has not been driven for five years so may need introducing slowly back in to the shafts. He lives out all year, is never sick or sorry and not seen a vet since he has been here.

Grandchildren now grown up and lost interest. He has a good temperament and never seen him kick or bite.

Price: £250 £167

Location: Ashbourne Derrbyshire

Contact: Richard Bowler

Phone: 01335 372166
Mobile: 07836 687220

Email: r i c h a r d b o w l e r 1 @ g m a i l . c o m