Miniature Yearling Colt

Registered International Miniature Horse Pony Society, 28 inches chestnut yearling colt, unusual markings, will stay under 34 inches, very correct!

Good movement, great for the show ring, very good temperament. Not suitable for young children as he is only a baby himself.

Imagine this little chap in summer coat or clipped, I only clipped his head so you can see his beautiful head (I don't clip ears this time of the year no point). He will need a stable, grazing and lots of fuss. Please ring for more details, more pictures to follow, possible help with transport.

Price: £450

Location: Swansea

Contact: Ray

Phone: 07776 192487

Miniature Yearling Colt

Miniature Yearling Colt

4 Miniature Shetland Geldings

  • 4 Miniature Shetland Geldings
  • 4 Miniature Shetland Geldings

Sadly for sale are my 4 piebald mini Shetland geldings, fully registered. 1 2 years, 2 3 years and 1 5 years old. The 5 year old has been mouthed, long reined and sat on and is ready for the next step, he is very quiet.

3 are related and been with us since foals, the 5 year old has always been with them for the last 2 years, they all get on well.

I am not going to have the time to do these gorgeous ponies justice. I would like to see them driven as a team as they will be stunning.

Price: £2,000 ono

Location: Sy18 Wales

Contact: G Davies

Phone: 01686 440345
Mobile: 07929 011962

Email: g l e n y s . d a v i e s 1 2 3 @ b t i n t e r n e t . c o m