Precious, 13.2hh Mare

Precious is a 13.2hh stunning blue blagdon rising 5 years old filly, she has fantastic conformation, an exceptional kind temperament and is built like a tank!

Passported and registered with The Traditional Gypsy Cob Association. Would make ideal ride and drive cob or a broodmare for anyone wanting to breed the splashy marked cobs!

Price: £1,500

Location: Barnsley

Contact: John

Phone: 07752 829449
Mobile: 07754 833718

Email: c a r t w o r t h l a s s @ u w c l u b . n e t

Precious, 13.2hh Mare

Precious, 13.2hh Mare

2 Year Old Filly

  • 2 Year Old Filly
  • 2 Year Old Filly

2 year old Irish cob recently brought over from Ireland, this filly has a super temperament. Unusual silver dapple colour with a good amount of bone and feather with plenty of mane. A very friendly and sweet natured filly, has had tack on and even been sat on bareback by my 4 year old daughter. Proving good to catch, has travelled on a box and has loaded into trailer for practice.

Nothing so far has phased her, I've shown her clippers, bathed her, walked her over builders sacks and shown her other scary things and she has taken everything in her stride. She is used to ducks, lambs, dogs and children being around her. She obviously requires more training but she's off to a good start. Expected to mature around 14.1hh.

Due to age she would benefit from someone capable of educating a youngster, in saying that I expect she will be an easy project in the right hands. Will make a lovely addition to any yard. Passported and has started her vaccinations. 5 star home. Open to vetting, etc...

Price: £1,450 £1,100 no offers

Location: North Yorkshire

Contact: Em

Phone: 07841 592535