Fair Enough, 16.2hh Driving Gelding

Fair Enough, well here he is, one of the best of the horses anyone would ever ever want to own. Talk about a proper all round bombproof in every way. Doesn't pull, stands all day at T junctions, one in a million. He is coal black. He was on our big drive last Saturday with 70 odd horses around, he's one quiet horse anyone want to own.

He has also raced in the time of 2 mins on the track. He came over himself from USA. He is 7 this year, all race fit now, if he has not been sold by next week he is entered for York next week. He is sound in every way. He is top bred, his sire is Shark Gesture USA, dam Odds on a Fair and she was by Arts Place USA.

If anyone's looking for a good bombproof horse don't look anywhere else, here he is, one in a million. All my kids go out on the cart on the roads and traffic. He also won loads races on his back ride long. Where would you find a horse like him? All new shoes ready to go and do whatever you want with. Ring any time.

Price: poa

Location: Romford Essex London

Contact: Jimmy Allen

Phone: 07438 162680

Fair Enough, 16.2hh Driving Gelding

Fair Enough, 16.2hh Driving Gelding

15.2hh Ride and Drive Stallion

  • 15.2hh Ride and Drive Stallion
  • 15.2hh Ride and Drive Stallion

Stunning 15.2hh six year old Welsh section D stallion, rides and drives, 100% in every way. very flashy with great movement and show stopping presence!

This lad rides amazing, walk, trot, canter in an outline, correct movement and anybody's ride! He can be ridden and driven in the heaviest of traffic.

He's not spooky or sharp and very level headed for a stallion. He's bred amazing with top blood lines and is very unusual as he's palomino with silver dilute!

Price: £5,500

Location: Wickford Essex.

Contact: Meadowstables - T

Phone: 07508 572146

Email: s a m @ m e a d o w s t a b l e s . c o m