Wanted: 16hh+ Riding Horse

Wanted loan, lvtb or buy. Offering kind and loving home on private yard with my daughter’s horse and our 2 retired ponies, 14x14 stable, 6.5 acres of grazing, direct hacking to woodland, 7.5t lorry. Very knowledgeable and experienced home. Inspections and references very welcome.

Looking for 16hh + horse, middle weight plus, suitable for hacking, beach rides, the odd day hound exercise/hunting and low level riding club. Must hack alone. He/she needs to be a straightforward ride (although very experienced I’m nearing 50 and just want an easy life now!), definitely no buckers or rearers. I am more than happy to take on an older horse or certain health issues to reflect the fact I don’t have a huge budget available.

This may be a perfect home for a competitive horse needing to step down a level due to age/health issues, also may suit someone off to uni who’d like their horse back in a few years as by then my daughter will be off to uni/work.

Lovely horse now found thank you!

16hh+ Riding Horse

15.3hh Gelding

  • 15.3hh Gelding

Seasoned hunter! Good looking 15.3hh 11 year old gelding. Whipped in 2018/2019 with my 14 year old son with the books hounds, an absolute machine over the biggest country. Jumps a course of 130m in the school at home.

The best hunter you will ever sit on. He's sound, solid and a perfect gent to do everything with. He is not good to hack! If you want to hack he's not for you but if you're looking for a proven hunter he's your guy.

Been out all summer after hunting finished, sold from the field.

Price: £2,500

Location: Peterborough

Contact: Kate

Phone: 07572 075956