2 Year Old Colt

Spotted Shetland colt, here we have an eye catching 2 year old spotted Shetland colt. He will make an ideal ride and drive child's pony in the future.

He is very friendly and good to catch. Handled daily by children. Runs well with other horses, he will live in or out.

He has been regularly wormed. Good with the farrier.

Price: £275

Location: Crook

Contact: Ant

Phone: 07926 635650

2 Year Old Colt

2 Year Old Colt

11.2hh Welsh Mare

  • 11.2hh Welsh Mare

Misty is an 11.2hh Welsh section A mare, 9 years old, who I feel will be a fab field companion due to her being very nervous, once formed a bond she is very vocal and a plucky little character. Traffic she's ok but she doesn't like sudden movement banging from behind her rear end.

My daughter has sat on her but she just cowers in fear, she has a whale of a time as she likes her food, my daughter plays pony paddock where misty will follow and trot after her. She takes more to younger children then adults but I feel as a field companion she'd be better off then ridden as I have not seen her in action.

I've had a saddle on but still she jumps around so I never pushed her, I've been patient but my daughter's bored and lost interest now.

Price: £200

Location: Waltham Grimsby

Contact: Whitney

Phone: 07711 843469

Email: W h i t n e y l e e 2 9 1 1 @ g m a i l . c o m