Tiny Tim Colt Foal

Tiny Tim, black and white colt for sale. He's 21 inches. He's 10 months old.

Very quiet, follows the kids around like a dog.

Price: £800 ovno - Sold

Sold thanks dragon driving

Tiny Tim Colt Foal

Tiny Tim Colt Foal

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Yearling colt Shetland pony, miniature x standard. Bilbo is the friendliest, most laid back little pony I've ever met! I've had my 9 month old baby sat on him and he just continued eating grass. He stands to have his feet done, a child could pick them out. Stands for hours to be brushed. Never kicks, you can literally lean on his bum.

We've led him out on the roads on a regular basis and he's bombproof in traffic. He is very laid back and likes to lie down for a nap, he has no objections to being cuddled whilst he naps! I lead him about next to my daughters pram. Such a nice little pony would make an excellent child's pony and lead rein.

We also have his half sister Bella, she's not quite as suitable for young children although she is friendly, good with feet and to be led. She is also bombproof in traffic so would make a good lead rein or driving pony. They would make a lovely driving pair for someone. I'm selling them for £1000 for the pair or £700 for Bilbo and £500 for Bella.

Price: see text

Location: Bishop Auckland

Contact: Jasmin

Phone: 07487 554897