Wanted: 15hh + Riding Horse

Wanted, I am looking for a genuine, sound family friend. 15hh+ cob or MW type, 4 - 14 years old. Healthy & vice free, no sarcoids, lumps or bumps.

Must be backed but don't mind as green as grass to bring on so long as a quiet and easy nature. I do not want anything nervous, sharp or unhandled. Does not have to be a world beater but something who can enjoy a bit of everything, fun rides, hacking, a bit of riding club.

Budget around £3,000. Please wassap me details. Ideally within 2 hours of Wiltshire.

Location: Wiltshire

Contact: Chloe

Phone: 07519 586746

15hh + Riding Horse

Wanted: 14hh + Riding Horse

Wanted, 14hh-16hh 5+ years old. First time horse so no vices or health problems. Cob or cob type ideally. Mare or gelding.

Might get into competing. Livery prepared, deposit will be placed once horse found. Please text, no phone.

Location: Salisbury

Contact: Harris

Phone: 07887 570941

Email: h a r r i s z a d @ o u t l o o k . c o m